August 21, 2014

Weekend Links 08.22.2014

In which destructive, misogynistic norms set by the porn industry are interrogated by a Harry Potter fan. Bad-ass.

A white mother of three blonde little boys explains why Ferguson matters.

Racial bias in the media paints white suspects as more sympathetic than black victims of violence.

Orlando Jones creates a video, "The Bullet Bucket Challenge"

Pumpkin Spice is coming and I know I'm not the only one who is not excited.

Emma Approved, a modern adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma, has finished and I loved every minute of it. If you did not watch it, check it out here.

"At its core, to fetishize something—or someone—is to objectify it to the point that it becomes divorced from the person herself." Breaking down the fetishization of Asian women.

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August 20, 2014

Saving Money with Swagbucks

Here and there, I like to be able to save money where I can. I try to learn the sale seasons, find coupon codes, and just basically save money on the stuff I already buy anyway. That's why I love using Swagbucks, a website that gives you points (swagbucks) for things you might ordinarily do anyway, like shopping online, searching the web, playing games, taking surveys, and more.

Each swagbuck is the equivalent of about a penny, and you can use your swagbucks to buy gift cards for, Gamestop, AMC Theaters, Paypal, Target, iTunes, Sephora, and even charities like the ALS Association, UNICEF, and Charity:Water. You can even use them to travel with gift cards for things like Hyatt hotels, Orbitz, and Royal Caribbean Cruises. My friend Chloe at Wanderlust in the Midwest uses Swagbucks to help her travel cheaply, too. I've been using it to get money through Paypal and make purchases through Amazon.

Personally, I've really enjoyed using Swagbucks. I get great offers all the time-- some of which I've put to great use, like getting extremely cheap, year-long subscriptions to NYLON, Fast Company, Real Simple, and Essence Magazines-- which I LOVE. I've also gotten great deals on things like flowers I send for gifts. I'd order them online anyway, but by doing so through swagbucks, I can get a discounted rate, plus earn swagbucks. By using Swagbucks, I'm essentially getting cash back on my purchases at at least a 1% rate, because Swagbucks turns every dollar you spend at a participating retailer into a swagbuck. Combine that with special offers they have with certain retailers to get 3 or even 5 swagbucks per dollar and that's an awesome cash back rate!

If you start using Swagbucks today, I'll actually give you 70 swagbucks thanks to a deal I've worked out with Swagbucks. You'll also get 30 swagbucks for filling out your profile-- that's 100 swagbucks right from the get-go!

All you have to do is use the referral code HONEYSWAG when you sign up through Friday, August 29 and click the "I have a sign up code" link.

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August 19, 2014

My New Planner from Paper Source

It likely comes as no surprise that as a stationery and office supply hoarder, I had an intense love affair with the many prime paperies in New York this summer. One such stationery store, Paper Source, is where I got my amazing new planner from.

I bought this Paper Source planner during my last two weeks in the city, looking ahead to the new school year-- and my need for a large planner that could hold up to my bubbling brain and my post-grad aspirations. I had been using Greenroom planners from Target because of their smaller size, month-and-week organization, and the ridiculously awesome price ($10!) but I needed more space to stay organized in, and I wanted something that looked more polished that I could continue with those 7 months remaining in 2015 after I graduate. This is a really gorgeous planner and I'm happy with my decision. My roommate whom I bought this with bought one for herself, too, abandoning her ties with Lilly Pulitzer's planners. (Although Paper Source sells those too-- they have a pretty impressive selection including Kate Spade and... Downton Abbey?)

The effect is a little lost in these photos, but the cover is a matte black and the printing on it is in shiny gold foil. It's a really lovely effect and gives it a sophisticated, premium feel. I like that the fonts are classic enough to give a sense of maturity and professionalism but the confetti pattern is really fun and joyous. It mirrors the kind of balance I'm trying to hit. It's

Theres a personal info page in front which is nice if you accidentally leave it somewhere. Following that there's a quick yearly view. This includes 2014, 2015, and 2016. There's also a quick holidays-in-2015 guide for the common western holidays.

The next section is the monthly view. This planner groups all monthly views together, rather than having them between months-- I kind of like this better since it always throws me off when a two months are shown in the same week. It also makes it a lot easier to flip to the coming month.

I love the week view too. Plenty of space-- and equal space for weekend days! For some reason the planners that I've bought almost always give weekends half the space. It's got 8 sections across the two pages, with the first section being notes for the week. I'm probably going to put in those weird "general to-dos" that need to get done, but don't have a real due date attached. I am probably not the only who sometimes pushes those things off too much because I just leave them to decay in the back of my mind.

I also like how each day has four sections. You can use these little grids to separate out sections. Right now I'm thinking all day (ex. birthdays), morning, afternoon, and evening. But it may change to all day, school assignments, deadlines, and social plans. I'm not sure. I like that they're unlabeled sections so I can decide, and the the border between them isn't obnoxiously bold.

Basically, I'm totally in love with this planner. It's $30, but I definitely feel like it's a fair price given how nice it is from the design to the quality of paper and size. You can buy it for yourself here!

I know a lot of people have a favorite planner. What's yours? Why do you love it?

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August 14, 2014

August To-Dos!

Sorry for the delay-- the month is half done but there's still time to do your monthly to-dos!

Make your living space a happy one. I've been busying myself like a bee making my apartment down in Williamsburg, Virginia look super cute. Tidy up, make some organizational systems, and do something to make your space pretty. Happy spaces contribute to happy people.

Get ready for school. Purchase a planner if you haven't already and be sure to write in all the major school events to look out for. Mine's got all my school breaks in it, and will be updated to reflect my syllabi when they come out. I'm also purchasing my textbooks soon.

Ask a friend for some music recommendations. It's good to mix it up every once in a while. I have really weird taste in music and sometimes I put myself in a weird little bubble of only listening to the stuff I expose myself to. Ask a friend so send you some links to what they've been listening to lately, and you might find you really enjoy it.

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