May Wishlist 2017 PlannerI just ordered the new large planner in blonde marble for work! It starts in August, and my current work planner ends in June, so July is probably gonna be rough, but I'm still very excited to have my first planner. I've been wanting something larger and more hefty for a while since my current work planner only allows enough space for due dates and major events, rather than more detailed breakdowns of work.

Tokyomilk Dark, Tainted Love No. 62 from the Femme Fatale Collection. Liz from Fake Goth Girls introduced me to this and now I can't stop thinking about it. The goth as hell packaging. The name inspired by one of my favorite songs. The Vanilla, Orchid, and Sandalwood notes. I'm feeling it for when I want to feel and smell like a powerful, sophisticated, goal assassin. #slay

Candy Ass by Hiya Tootsie. Am I just in a perfumey mood? Probably. Heather from Hiya Tootsie makes this perfume that smells like chocolate, peppermint, and cupcakes and considering that being a candy witch is one of my top aesthetic/identity goals, I'm feeling like I definitely need this. I'll probably wait on ordering till after I move though-- I'm trying to minimize the amount of fragile things I need to relocate to wherever I end up.

Cinderella (1997). This Cinderella was deeply formative for me. We still have it on VHS at my parents house but I need a copy I could watch myself. As a little Asian American girl of immigrant parents, there is not enough room in this little blurb to explain how much this meant to me. Growing up hearing my grandparents and parents often refer to white people as "Americans" (which they don't anymore) made me feel like I wasn't American, but I hardly felt Asian, not knowing my parent's mother tongue, never having been to the country and feeling little connection to it. What does it mean to be an Asian American when I felt neither truly Asian nor American? This was the film that, through its race-blind casting, showed me that I could succeed outside of the lines I felt had been drawn for me. It was the first time I had seen an Asian actor playing a leading role that had nothing to do with being from Asia, or knowing martial arts, and succeeding in it. I could succeed in contexts outside of just "Asian roles" that I felt I neither desirous of, nor qualified for. On top of that, the Whitney-fication of the music, and the sets and costumes were everything to me. It's finally back in stock and I'm going to get mine!

Monster High Venus McFlytrap Chase Vinyl Figure. Still on the hunt for this little babe-- and I have been for over a year now. Supposedly they are available in Target stores for $10 but she is highly elusive, and I am considering just snagging her after I move and get my finances in a more stable place. Gosh I can't wait to have my own space to fill with all kinds of ridiculous things that bring me joy.
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Bullet Journaling: What is it and Why do I do it?

I’ve been posting pretty casually about my bullet journaling, but I’m sure more than a few of you are waiting for me to break it all down, just like I broke down my entire work-flow system for the office. Bullet Journaling was introduced to me by Mia of— if you haven’t noticed, we low-key talk about each other kind of constantly— and it’s basically the first planner system that I have really enjoyed and kept up with. 

So a little background on my brain before we begin to get us started: I love information, but I have not been the best about keeping it all organized historically. I keep a lot of knowledge in my brain but I am often the victim of brain fog or brain clutter, and combine this with my tendency toward anxiety, and I often find myself worried about being sure I can recall things when I need them. I grew up having planners for school but they seemed like chores rather than tools. I've tried to get back into it, and then fell out, I tried Google Calendars-- and while that worked great for scheduled events, it was much less effective for me when it came to keeping me on task. I liked Kanban, but that was more of a workflow system for me than a way to plan out a week, month, or year. 

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I needed flexibility, fun, simplicity, and a way to really make planning a part of my life. I needed a space to record all the flurry of thoughts in my brain

Enter the Bullet Journal. It's a freeform, highly customizable system that you can employ in any notebook you like-- it's simple. 

The basic key is this:
  • a bullet or box indicates a task
  • a slash through the bullet or box indicates a task in progress
  • an X through the bullet or box means it's done
  • an arrow or > indicates that it's being moved or "migrated" to another day
  • you can also use other symbols, like asterisks for events, dashes for notes or reminders, question marks for things to look into, etc. 
Then you designate a few pages to be your index-- this is especially helpful in bound notebooks-- but I use a ring binder, so I actually don't have an index. Number your pages and then as you use them, index them. 

Create a future log by writing out the months and days, with any important dates-- birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.-- in so you can see a year ahead. This can be in calendar format, or by simply writing the month then numbering the days down each line, and writing the event next the the particular day.

Then create a spread for this particular month, which ever month is current, and go into more detail here like you might on a refrigerator calendar. Appointments, meetings, dates, classes to take, etc. Add information on things you are planning to do this month by creating a list of things you are planning to do this month. See a doctor. Pay your rent. 

Then you can create your daily or weekly spread. Like I said, this is super flexible, so it all depends on how you want to play this! I like to create a weekly spread, Monday through Thursday on one side, and Friday- Sunday on the other, so that I can see a whole week at once. I also dedicate a full page to weekly to-dos for anything and everything I need to get done that week, especially if it's not date specific.

You can add in other sorts of pages outside date-based planning. Write in charts to track your savings, keep a collection of favorite quotes, tally your fitness goals, log books you've read and places you've been, etc. There so really no limit to what you can do with a Bullet Journal. 

I find that this system is super helpful for me since I really like being able to dump everything out of my brain and organize it on paper. Analog (as opposed to digital) gives me a more "real" feeling of responsibility and accomplishment, and being able to customize, doodle, and play makes Bullet Journaling something I look forward to every day. 

You can follow along as I bullet journal my life by subscribing to my Youtube channel where I post, among other things, a monthly Bullet Journal walk-through. I also post about my bullet journal on instagram. Here's what I'm currently working with.

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Dear Mom - A Mother's Day Card Writing Workshop for A Cause

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I found myself not only wondering what I could do to honor my own mother, but how I could help other mothers in need within my community, and children facing unhealthy or dangerous life circumstances. The result of those queries has led me to this: Dear Mom - A Mother's Day Card Writing Workshop.

I am so very excited to share this with you all!

As a paper-lover, snail-mailer, and fan-of-moms (they're pretty awesome), I thought it made a lot of sense for me to do an event that centered on helping people with the sometimes difficult task of writing a nice card for their mom. Most of us do not have a relationship with their mother akin to Rory and Lorelai of Gilmore Girls, and that means it can really be hard to put pen to paper and write something meaningful and honest.

Some of us have great relationships with our mothers but have a hard time finding the words. Some of us want to use Mother's Day as an opportunity to take a step towards a better relationship with our mothers. And some of us aren't close to our mothers, and struggle to find something honest and positive to say that also does not put burden on either parent or child to build a relationship they are not (and may never be) ready for.

I will be hosting a little workshop where I talk through some strategies for selecting and writing a Mother's Day card that is appropriate for your relationship with your mother, and the proceeds will benefit a wonderful organization called Sanctuary for Families which works to serve victims of and ultimately eliminate domestic abuse, human trafficking, and other forms of gender violence. They not only provide shelter, counseling, and legal services for victims and their families, but actively work to disrupt cycles of violence and poverty.

The event will take place on Wednesday, April 27th, from 7pm-8pm at a wonderful stationery store called Papél New York. Papél is an independent, woman-owned small business, and they have so graciously opened their store to us and agreed to stay late to support this event. Please check them out on social, and give them some love for being so wonderful and supporting this great cause, either in person or online. (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest)

You can find the Facebook Event here, which will direct you to the Eventbrite page where you can register to attend. You can also donate directly to Sanctuary through my event's Fundraising page on Crowdrise.

To register to attend the event, there is a minimum $5 donation to Sanctuary. You can donate more on top of that right there, or you may donate instead of registering if you don't plan on joining us for the workshop.

Please consider donating to this wonderful cause if you are able, or sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family. My goal is to raise $500 for Sanctuary so they can continue to do things like provide counseling to victims of domestic abuse and sex trafficking, give shelter to families caught in abusive home situations, provide legal counsel for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, educate the community about how to identify and help stop human trafficking in their neighborhoods, provide parenting support, and economically empower survivors through educational advocacy and other programs that meet their unique needs.

If you're not able to donate, please consider ways you can help mothers in need this Mother's Day. I will follow-up next week with a list of ideas of how you can help mothers and others in need in your area!

I hope to see you at Papél New York on the 27th if you can make it, and please share the fundraiser so we can meet our goal!

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GIVEAWAY! $100 Disney Gift Card and more!

In celebration of my birthday, every year I run a giveaway! This year, I'm joined by a wonderful Co-host, Desiree from, and this is the biggest prize I've offered to date.

We're giving away two $50 Disney gift cards, a $25 AMC gift card, and two Tsum Tsums-- New York Mickey and Minnie! All you've got to do is subscribe to my channel on Youtube. You can get additional entries by following me and Desiree across the internet, and if you're already following, just click to claim your entry! Be sure to claim your entry before the contest ends on April 3rd.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is only open to US residents. If the winner does not claim their prize in 48 hours, I'll pick a new winner. This contest is not associated with Disney or AMC. 

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DIY Succulents in a Mug

It is no secret to most of you guys that I really like pretty plants. I'm not an outdoorsy sort of person, but I love bringing in the natural energy and life of plants into indoor spaces. That's why I'm so excited to do my first ever DIY video + blog post about how to make a super cute planter arrangement of succulents in a mug.

You can watch the video here, or scroll on for a written version of the instructions!

Here are the supplies you will need:

Let's get started!

Lay down some newspaper. This project will get messy. I recommend more than one layer, since this project involves soil that might still be moist!

If you have a ceramic drill, drill a hole in your mug. I happen to be one of the few schmucks in the world without a ceramic drill (sarcasm), but if you have one, go ahead and drill a hole in the bottom. Water can pool in the bottom of a closed container and grow gross stuff that could hurt your plant baby. Old water = mold water.

Place glass gems/beads/marbles into the bottom of the mugs. Fill the mug about a third (1/3) of the way up. The large size of these beads will help create a distinct, separate layer for any excess water that it separate from the root system.

Layer in charcoal and diatomite. The charcoal will help keep any mold or bacteria at bay and the diatomite adds more rock to the mixture. Be sure to leave space for the roots of your succulents-- do not over-fill the mug!

Put your succulent in the mug. Slide it out of the container it is currently in gently. Make sure to gently massage the root system to loosen the soil and roots in preparation for its new container. Pull off any dead pieces-- think of this like exfoliating! Place this and any additional succulents in the pot with a little extra wiggle room.

Fill the wiggle room! Take any soil that was shaken loose during your "succulent massage" (giggles) and use it to fill in the gaps between the plants. Press the soil down to firm it up, but don't press hard-- you are tucking your buddy in, NOT smooshing their roots to death.

Place some additional diatomite on top. This gives it a nice, deserty feel and helps your planter look a little more finished.

Embellish with a crystal. Because lets be real, crystals are magic. I love the contrast of a shiny rock with fleshy, waxy plants!

Wipe off your mug. It's probably dirty from all that literal dirt you were flinging.

Add your monogram embellishment to the handle. Optional, but fancy.

You did it!

Some notes to remember:

  • Only water your succulent twice a month. They don't need a ton of water. 
  • Never give a small plant more than an extra inch in any direction when you re-pot them. Otherwise they will have too much soil, which retains moisture, and you run the risk of overwatering them MUCH quicker.
  • Plants need sun. Put them by a window sill whenever you get the chance, or get them a plant light. 
  • You are always better off with a planter with a drainage hole-- but don't forget to put a little saucer underneath to catch the excess water or you can risk damaging furniture. 

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