Catching Up

It's been a while since I've posted and a lot has gone down. So let's catch up! In no particular order here are the big things I've got going on... it's a lot.

I started working at a new job! I think I've posted about this before, but it's both a big deal and a pretty big reason why I haven't been able to post as much. I started working at a really awesome company called Remezcla. We publish awesome content by, for, and about Millennial Latinxes. I work on the Revenue team and I love it but it's definitely pretty tiring between the occasional late night and the longer commute. I'm trying to get things sorted out in terms of how my routine runs. I've signed up for Amazon fresh, for example, so I can get groceries without having to go out and get them. Still nailing stuff down but I'm getting there, y'all!

I got started on Nicole's Feel Good Dress Better workbook. It's making me take a long hard look at my shopping choices! I've always loved fashion but I'm not most focused shopper-- I like pieces even if they don't always make sense for me or my wardrobe. This is helping me become a more focused shopper and I got rid of like 20% of my wardrobe for better pieces.

Booked tickets for my first trip to Europe. I've never travelled solo or abroad before so I'm both excited and anxious! I'll be meeting up with friends during the trip but the actual flights are gonna take forever. The farthest I've ever travelled before is Los Angeles. If anyone has tips or resources about traveling abroad, or more specifically to London or Reykjavik, send them my way!

What's new with you?

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Harper Watched: Bella: An American Tall Tale

photo c/o Playwrights Horizons by Joan Marcus

Harper Watched is a recurring series where I talk about entertainment media I've seen and review it for you. From movies to musicals, TV to live theater, I cover it all and lay it out for you right here.

Friday night, I went out with a college friend of mine to indulge in our mutual love of musical theater. As per usual, I was very excited to see the latest musical production at Playwright's Horizons-- Bella: An American Tale. As the show closes July 2, I'll tell you now to grab your tickets before it's too late. If you're under 35, you can sign up for a Young Membership (and students can sign up for a even further discounted Student Membership) for free to get discounted ticket access. This show is absolutely amazing and total #BlackGirlMagic which I am ALWAYS going to support. Right at the top, I'm letting you know this show is a 5/5 and you need to grab your tickets now.

This show is a Western of epic proportions by, for, and about black women. The writer, composer, lyricist Kirsten Childs is a damn revelation-- not many people do all three to begin with, and she does it all with immense skill, heart, and humor.

The Plot

Bella Patterson is on the run from the law and off to be with her sweetheart Aloysius T Hunnicut. Under the assumed name Bella Johnson, she heads west on a train to meet her betrothed, leaving behind her mother, auntie, and grandmother. Bella turns heads everywhere she goes with her big booty and warms hearts with her unrelenting sunshine. She goes on wild adventures, meets wild and amazing characters, and reclaims her story and her identity, over and over again.

Bella deals with a concept I'm a huge fan of as a storyteller and a Psych major-- the nature of our owned stories, and who gets to write and tell them. Bella is a girl with a big imagination, and she sees fit to imagine a world in which love wins out, she is the hero, and her dreams can all come true. Being a black woman, the world rarely sees fit to give her control of her own story, or to listen to what she has to say. History will not write her in. In the opening number she tells the audience that history is the tall tale we learn in school-- but there are so many other stories to be told. And this is Bella's.
photo c/o Playwrights Horizons by Joan Marcus
We grapple with autobiographical memory (our own stories) and historical memory in this exhilarating musical. Bella's grandmother struggles with dementia, but holds herself together best when talking about The Itty Bitty Gal-- their foremother who was forced into slavery but refused to be broken. Bella herself is a bit of an embellisher when it suits her-- and that's her own way of taking better control of her life. Throughout Bella, we see that creating a tall tale out of an ordinary one is not just a means of having fun, but of coping with hardship, finding bigger truths, and connecting with others in the present, past, and future.

Bella is unapologetically black, and unapologetically woman. It delves into complicated issues like the conflicted relationship black women can have with their bodies and how parts of it are seen in the world. It deals with lynching and the unpunished murder of black men and the immense struggle to find hope to go on. It deals with losing hope, losing love, losing dignity, and even losing your mind. But it offers hope in all these struggles; the kind of hope found in having courage, honoring those who came before you, and in owning your story-- if not daring to make it a little bit taller.

Getting Down To Business

Bella is an absolute masterpiece in #BlackGirlMagic. It is so sincere and honest in its experience of both unsinkable laughter and the deepest heartbreak. Kirsten Childs has put together a show that is jubilant and earth-shattering. This show doesn't pull any punches and through the music and the brilliant performances of the cast manages to balance the highs and lows with the audience on the edge of our seats. Childs manages to touch on some of the darkest parts of the experiences of black women and still bring it all back around to hope and finding happiness. 

I'm an Asian woman, and I'm not here to pontificate on the Black Woman Experience because that is just not my lane. But as a Woman of Color, I am 100% here to tell you that you need to support the work of marginalized people (which usually means going out of your way since the mainstream usually doesn't do much for marginalized people). I'm telling you that Bella is by, about, and for black women not to tell anyone to stay away, but rather to encourage you to see it. As a media consumer, you can change the world and yourself for the better by being more critical about what you consume and engaging with works by people outside your experience and moreover outside straight whiteness. This show is not watered down, it's not filtered down to make audiences more comfortable. Bella's story is Bella's story, and true to form, it will not be made small for anyone else's comfort.

photo c/o Playwrights Horizons by Joan Marcus
Bella deals with the really hard stuff so I'm going to throw a warning out there that this show is pretty real about the despair and violence that black women and their loved ones experience. The scene dealing with a woman whose husband was murdered by a crowd of white folk was gut-wrenching and I felt the song being sung by so many black women whose husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers and children (as well as wives, mothers, girlfriends, and sisters) have been murdered by people without getting any justice. As fantastic and tall as these tales are, they are so very real, and echo across time and history into our present in a way that is cathartic and validating as much as it is tragic. The song about Bella's mother's struggle with her grandmother's failing memory was just as heart-rending. The loss of a person, an identity, and their history is felt on both a human level and a historic one. It is heritage and history that keep her mind together in the fleeting moments she has it, highlighting the triumph in remembering where you came from and the blow felt when that is lost.

This show also dealt a lot with the difficulties one faces in their relationship with their body. Bella's behind is both celebrated and hated, sought-after and reviled. She deals with the tension of wanting to own her body-- its magic, its sexuality, its reality as part of her!-- while others outside her may choose to objectify her for it, humiliate her, or even attack her. This is told of course through Bella's relationship with her big booty and the spirit of her foremother The Spirit of the Booty aka The First Itty Bitty Gal. She goes through phases of loving her booty, hating how other people see her because of her booty, and of course, appreciating her booty once again not only as part of herself but as part of the legacy of those who came before her.

But don't let all that heavy stuff get you down because the jokes and the comedy are so well done in this show. From over-explain-y bad guys to well-timed looks and occasional 4th wall breaks, this is a hilarious show that will have you laughing and whooping as much as it's got you wiping tears. This is a beautiful, wonderful show. You've gotta see it.

Ashley D. Kelley, who plays the lead Bella, is so charming and comedically brilliant and her voice is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. I will watch her in anything. I've decided. Kenita Miller (Mama) and Brandon Gill (Nathaniel Beckworth) are also standout performers in a cast bursting with immense talent.

photo c/o Playwrights Horizons by Joan Marcus
My favorite ensemble character is definitely the Chinese American Oil Tycoon Cowboy, Tommie Haw. He hits on a lot of underrepresented parts of Asian American identity. The fact that we can "be from here" in that it's the 1800s and Tommie grew up in the US or the fact that Chinese workers built the Transcontinental railroad (often a footnote or a fact after which Asians disappear in the American history books up until Japanese internment-- if that's even covered). Or the fact that Chinese guys can be pretty damn hot. (Look, I hate "emasculation" as a concept because it's usually code for men not feeling superior/entitled to women, but I will admit that Asian guys are routinely under-appreciated.) It also helps that Haw is portrayed by my one true childhood prince charming, Paolo Montalban (he's actually Filipino) whom you may remember from the race-blind Cinderella that aired in the late nineties and taught you the meaning of true love. I got a chance to chat with him and grab his autograph after the show-- he is as wonderful as he seems. I'll put a slight caveat that Bella's portrayal of Mexicans, Indians, and Chinese people are not fully-enlightened, but the show is told from the point of view of Bella, a girl who learned about them through a book written in the 1800s, so I'll give her imagination a pass since the portrayals don't take themselves to seriously either.

Bella is unexpected, with many twists and turns and an ensemble that is as gifted in physical comedy and timing as they are in music. The staging is pretty brilliant too and I'm always in love with Playwright's Horizons ability to make a small theater into something so magical and transportive. If you are in the New York area, go see this show!

Harper's Rating: 5/5

Brilliant writing, music, and lyrics by the incomparable Kirsten Childs
By, about, and for black women
Paolo Montalban 
Deft handling of some really heavy material balanced out by incisive humor
Fantastic exploration of narrative as a critical part of collective and individual humanity
Fantastic loved story (I love a love story, because I'm an emotional weenie)
Amazing portrayal of how we live in our stories, and reality is secondary (I'm obsessed with this)
Bella's imagination has some pretty wild portrayals of Mexicans and the Chinese, but her ill-informedness is well-explained, and it feels more like a statement on her naivete than on how Mexican and Chinese people actually are in this universe.
I can't buy the cast recording immediately

I'll be going to see the show again on Tuesday night. Get your tickets and see this show while you can! I'm telling you, you'll regret missing out!

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june small goals

I'm back with another installment of small goals as part of Nicole from Writes Like a Girl's small goals link up! I did a lot of stuff in May, but very little of it was anything I posted in my last monthly goals. Frankly, I underestimated how much brain capacity my travel plans and job hunt would take away from remembering these littler things. I knew I should have picked only 3 tasks but I thought I was up to the challenge. Whoops! Anyway, before we get to this months goals, let me shame myself publicly.

Post a great Disneyworld vlog! I actually did this! I had a beautiful time with my best buds and I am so glad I got to spend that time with them. I didn't capture as much of it as I think I should have in terms of video content but I am fine with that since I only didn't capture it because I was too busy having a great time with them. You can watch the vlog here.

Post 3 blog posts. Well. This is awkward. I set the bar low, but I should have set it lower with my job hunt and not one but two trips out of town!

Make a more solid skincare routine. With all the travel I did-- via plane!-- I really wasn't able to pack, use, and solidify a routine with all the products I want to be a part of my routine. I should have seen this coming, frankly. 

Exercise during commercial breaks. Sometimes I'll do some squats, but with all the shows I watch breaking for the summer, I've not experienced pretty much any commercial breaks in my TV consumption. Honestly, I totally forgot that everything was season finale-ing!

Nail down the Major Arcana. I studied more for my interviews than for my Tarot practice. I can't really fault myself for that. 

So it turns out that I haven't done too badly this month-- I just picked bad goals. I didn't want to make goals about big things like job hunting-- this is a small goals round up after all! I also didn't want to make goals about my travel plans since the travel was scheduled and inevitable and therefore kind of already accomplished. This month I'm going to try to focus better on my small goals, and luckily I'll have much more stability to do so. 

Wear sunscreen more. I'm really diligent about this when I travel since I often go to sunny locations and spend much of the days outside on the street, but I'm not as good with this on an every day level. Generally this isn't too much of a problem since I'm fortunate to have fairly sun-resilient skin but I really should take better care of it and wear sunscreen more regularly at least in the summer months. I just invested in the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 which will definitely help me up my sunscreen game since it'll just be part of my makeup routine. 

Edit my wardrobe. I'm really excited and nervous about this one. I got into a good place with a lot of my fall/winter wardrobe, but I need to get on top of my spring/summer wardrobe. Moreover, I'm no longer at my rad, super casual job and looking for a new one which might involve a more grown up approach to dressing. Despite previous purges, even now I realize I have a disproportionate amount of t-shirts that I don't wear out. It's good to have clothes for chilling at home or running errands, but I really ought to have fewer of those and more clothes I love wearing while I'm actually being seen! Luckily for me, Nicole's Feel Good, Dress Better workbook is out. I'm so ready!

Read two books. There are two books I'm in the middle of right now-- I love them while I'm reading them, but I'm still not used to making space for books anymore. I'm two years out of school but I haven't scraped that "reading is work" mentality off me. I'm going to try to make the space better because I really love these books! I realize I struggle a bit more when there's not a narrative story so I've gotta be more conscious about making time. I'm still reading a business biography called The Will to Win by Robert Herjavec (my favorite Shark Tank shark) and Her Eternal Moonlight by Steven Savage and Bonnie Walling which is all about the experiences of girls/women in North America whose lives were touched by Sailor Moon. 

Update my about and contact pages. I am really happy with how I re-did my fonts on the site last month (do you love it as much as I do?) and it's really inspiring me to spruce things up a bit! I've gotta update my about and contact pages and I'm really looking forward to it.

That's it for my goals this month! If you're looking for your own goal motivation, check out Nicole's link up and see what other people are trying to get done! You can also check out her rad workbook here if you also need to re-evaluate and change-up your closet. 

What are your goals for the month?

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may small goals

Lots of big life changes happening this month. I'm currently "between successes" but very excited about the opportunities I'm pursuing. I'm participating in Nicole at Writes Like A Girl's link up of small goals. Be sure to check that out and consider participating and linking up.

Before we get into this month's goals, let's check in on last month's goals:

Raise money for services for domestic violence and human trafficking victims. Granted, I only made it a little over half to my original goal, we did raise a decent sum of money that will help Sanctuary for Families, an organization that helps victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. These issues disproportionately and deeply affect women who are poor, immigrants, and/or women of color. The money we raised will go towards providing legal aid, shelter, counseling, economic empowerment, childcare, and more. The current administration wants to cut funds for programs that help victims of gender violence so please consider sending a donation to Sanctuary for Families

Take a walk at least once a week. I actually did this! In part because I've been running errands further from home to save money, I've gotten out more for longer. I'm glad I'll be able to process vitamin D better with all that good good sunlight.

Learn some new recipes. I learned one new recipe, but I don't think that should count since the spirit was more along the lines of 3 - 5 recipes. 

Do wrist and arm exercises more. I'm doing stretches and push ups more. Probably not as much as I should, but I have made a marked improvement from not at all. 

Bring weekly link posts back. Well. Definitely did not cross this one off my list. 

Three out of five isn't great but it's not bad. The past month was definitely slightly encumbered by the impending graduation of my siblings, Mother's Day shopping, and of course my job hunt. I also managed to get a hair cut-- which is a big deal for me since I haven't gotten that done professionally in... years. 

There's a lot going on this month-- my sister graduating, my trip to Disneyworld with my brother and best bud Jasmin, and job hunting! But we're here to do small goals. So let's focus on that. 

Post a great Disneyworld vlog! I'm trash for Disney and I'm going with some of my favorite people whom I live REALLY far from so it should be a fantastic trip. I'm so excited. 

Post 3 blog posts. The time has come for the bar to be set heckin' low. The lack of structure in my life is definitely making it weirdly easy for me to not post on the blog even though I do want to keep up! What the heck! I just kinda forget about it and assume I have time later-- because I do, but that doesn't mean anything if I don't actually use it.

Make a more solid skincare routine. I think the time has come for me to treat my skin really well. I don't think I'm horrible to it (unless you count my diet) but I would say I'm not strict about it, and that's definitely something I should be more disciplined about. I should be using day and night cream regularly, using serums as a preventative measure, and doing masks 2-3 times a week! 

Exercise during commercial breaks. I watch a lot of TV and I really oughtta take advantage of commercials to do more than check twitter. 

Nail down the Major Arcana. I've been teaching myself tarot with Labyrinthos Academy which is a cool tarot tutorial app! I've gone through all the Major Arcana lessons multiple times over but I still don't think I have it totally nailed down. The Minor Arcana is a lot more difficult so I'm hoping to get a solid grip on the Major Arcana this month before I proceed into Minor Arcana.

What are your goals for the month?

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6 More Thoughtful Ways to Gift Money to Grads

My siblings are graduating this year! That's got me thinking a lot about graduation gifts. Money is a great and popular gift because frankly, most people could use more of it, and that's especially true when you're just starting out. Giving a cash gift for graduation is pretty common, and it's not seen as impersonal (like it might for a birthday). That said, there are a lot of thoughtful ways to gift someone money with a little more intention. Some things are just easier to spend money on than others, and those things aren't necessarily the most important things-- see: me ordering delivery food and then complaining about the cost of flatware. Sometimes it's a good idea to designate a purpose for funds!

Savings Bonds. If you're in the US, you can buy a savings bond for someone that will mature in a year and can earn interest the longer they sit. You can even buy them directly with your tax refund! Definitely do your research to see if this is a good option for you, but they especially make sense if you want to help your new grad think about the nebulous but important idea of investments and long-term money.

Gift cards for entertainment. Whether or not your recent grad has a job lined up post-grad, it might be hard for them to pay for some fun when they're just starting out. Handle it for them by gifting them a gift card for streaming services or movie theaters.
✨✨✨ Try gift cards for Netflix, Spotify Premium, Apple/iTunes, AMC, fandango, and Regal Theaters.

Gift cards for essentials. There are some places you just gotta shop when you are living your life. Gift cards to these places are always welcome and can make a hefty "starting the apartment" shopping trip a little less cardiac arrest inducing when they hit the register.
✨✨✨ Try gift cards for Amazon Prime, Target, Lowes, and IKEA.

Gift cards for dining out. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself to a fancy latte or a dinner you didn't have to cook after a long day at work. And some gift givers like to give gifts that aren't 100% practical and necessary and are more fun and special-- an excuse to break from normal restrictions and live a little!
✨✨✨ Try gift cards for Starbucks, Chipotle, Darden Restaurants, Panera, IHOP, Coldstone Creamery, Dominos, etc. You can also get gift certificates for favorite local businesses if you know the grad is going to be living in a certain spot for a while. 

Gift cards for adult/professional clothes. Let's be real, the kids probably need new clothes for interviews and maybe even for their jobs if they're living the corporate lifestyle. But the other thing is that you probably should be picking them for them. So give them a gift card instead!
✨✨✨ Try gift cards for Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Gap, Torrid, JCPenney, Lord & Taylor, DSW, and Express.

Gift cards for travel. What better way to subtly hint that this bud better visit you than by giving them no excuse not to, am I right? But seriously, traveling is a ton of fun and often a key part of how we escape from the pressure of our regular lives whether for a summer getaway or just getting home for the holidays! Make it a little less burdensome for your recent grad with a gift card or two.  
✨✨✨ Try gift cards for and Southwest Airlines

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