Reasons To Thrift: For the Planet and Posterity

One of the best reasons to thrift is because it is green!

The three Rs of the pollutant-busting policy are reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Thrifting helps out with every one of these tenets. Let's start with reduce.

Shopping at thrift stores and donating thrift stores allows you to cut down on some of the new things produced. When you buy a secondhand item, you are reducing the waste of the donater by keeping it out of a landfill and you are reducing your carbon footprint. When you buy a new item, you carry along with it all the pollution and waste caused by its production. The longer a product lasts, the more worthwhile those ecological expenditures are. When you buy secondhand, you are no incurring any additional damage to the planet outside the item's transportation where as if you bought that item new, say a sweater, you'd be carrying the damage to the planet caused by its harvesting, the growing of the fibers; the fertilizer runoff from the cotton or the fecal runoff from the animal or the factory waste for synthetic fibers. You also incur the damage from the dying of the fabric-- colors that don't fade typically aren't the most natural-- the transportation of that article from whatever country it was made in, etc.

Buying used items keeps your carbon footprint small and keeps great items out of landfills. It reduces your waste as a donater and a buyer. It's important to remember the donation half of the thrift store equation. support your local thrift store by donating items to them and keep the thrift culture thriving.

Thrifting also has reuse built-in. You are reusing that still in working condition copper pot someone donated after getting a new one as a housewarming gift. You are reusing the sweater that someone out grew. It's pretty simple.

Finally, recycling. Thrifted items are great for recycling because they are so inexpensive and unusual. Many people find one thing at a thrift store and turn it into something else. For example, Marisa of New Dress A Day snags crazy dresses she finds at thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, and estate sales, and turns them into a new outfit, all for under a buck, every single day. You can find teacups to turn into planters, books to cut up for art projects, shirts to turn into dresses or book covers, and so much more. I recently found a key holder I hope to turn into a jewelry case.

It's easy to see how thrifting can be a great way to help the environment!


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  1. Enjoying your blog.
    I think you mean "tenets", not "tenants", about reduce/reuse/recycle!