Reasons To Thrift: For Your Budget!

One of the great draws of thrifting is its inherent economy. Thrifting is cheap.

I've bought some crazy stuff for next to nothing. An excellent wool sweater for two bucks. I get books (especially classics) for between $0.50 and $4. I've even bought my prom dress at a thrift store for $12. That's pretty decent considering most girls pay $150 for a prom dress.

You can get vintage wedding dresses for $20 and winter coats for $10. You can find dress patterns, tea sets, and kilts all for about 10%-25% of their original price. Double check what you read. OF. not OFF. As in, that little number that typically gets knocked off the original price? That's how much you actually pay!

And when you think about it, it just makes sense. Why would you buy a new sweater for $50 retail when you can get a similar one, already broken in, at a thrift store for $4?

I'm going to be a college student very soon-- which also means I will be poor very soon. It makes sense to save money on things like clothes and spend the money instead on books, food, and emergency costs. Oh, and of course that occasional retail splurge.

I can buy 2 thrifted outfits (pants/skirt, top, and light jacket or dress and jacket) for what most people spend on a pair of jeans. Seems reasonable to me!


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