Reasons To Thrift: For Charity

Thrifting is a great way to help out a local charity. The reason why thrift stores can sell products for so cheap is really about their business model.

Thrift stores have one goal: to raise money for charity. Since their stock comes in for free, their main objective is to move items quickly so that they can put more items out. They do have to pay their lease every month, so the more items they sell in a month, the more money can be put towards a charity.

That is why prices never hike up to retail. They know they sell more at bargains and since they don't have to pay for incoming stock consumers get bargains.

Since Thrift stores are open for the sake of charities like the salvation army, or your local children's hospital, we never feel guilty about purchasing something silly we don't entirely need.

My friend Nikki introduced me to the term Jewish guilt-- the guilt that the Jewish part of her (she's about a quarter Jewish I think) feels for spending money on anything-- anything!-- knowing that somewhere there might have been something more worthwhile. Well, to those of you who feel Jewish-- or Korean, Hungarian, Indian, or Italian-- guilt, feel comforted in that although you may have spent five hard-earned dollars on a collection of Queen CDs, at least that money went to a charity.

Many of us feel guilty for forgetting to give, or not having enough to give a significant amount, but with Thrift stores, there's no pressure to give some big ticket amount. In addition we are not hurting our families' budget or causing damage to the environment by buying new items. Over a year we could help a lot of people by either buying from a thrift store or contributing stock.

That being said, it is a good idea to see what your local thrift store supports. They may be sending money to something you don't support. Although I fully support the thrift industry, the money is a donation to one organization or another, and it's nice to know where your money is going.

I hope you all are delighted to see that when you thrift, you also contribute to a charity like your local humane society. They say that it is better to give than to receive-- At thrift stores, you can do both!


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