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I went to a few community yard sales on April 30th to start off my yard-sailing season. Yes, it is indeed yard sailing season. This is the time of year when most people have yard sales and community yard sales are abundant.

To maximize my time I hit a cluster of community yard sales. I had a great time talking to the sellers and enjoying the lovely April day.

In my experience, it's much easier to get a good deal if you talk about yourself and how much you love the item you're considering. People who sell their stuff really like seeing that they will go to someone who loves them.

I found two vintage Erector Sets, one from 1948 and the other from 1964. Erector sets were like the Legos or KNex of yester-year. Back then kids under the age of four were allowed to play with metal and wires and motors. The one pictured is the 1948 set. It still had the sticker in tact on the inside as well as on the outside. It had the wear and tear of being a 60 year old item, but the motor still worked!
Originally each of the two sets cost $15 each, but I talked the guy down to $10 for the 1948 set, and then he told me he'd throw in the '64 one too for another $5. I took a look inside the plastic case-- the plastic case was broken, but there were some paper diagrams and instructions inside along with the erector set parts. My thinking was that when he played with the sets as a kid, he may have swapped some pieces into another set, so i took the pair-- at half price! I really adore the paper instructions-- just look at those graphics!

I decided that they would make a great gift for my boyfriend. He's going to be an engineer and build airplanes and space shuttles. He told me that his favorite toys a a kid were his Legos. Now he goes to Engineering Physics class and plays with mechanical models. He adores these and he told me he's going to save these for his kids, just like i'm saving these books for mine.

I also dug up, at a separate garage sale in the community, this vintage book from 1922 about the US Government for $3. It's in pretty good condition, and I think my AP Government teacher will love it. I really think history books from pre-racial America-- they are really interesting, because they have a completely different perspective on the past. This one is also really great because it's pre-Depression-era, which means that at this point, Americans had a very different view on what the role of government was. If you ever want to find a great book for a good history or government teacher, get him or her a book on their subject from a completely different time period. They don't see these books as outdated, but rather, as a sort of time capsule on the thoughts of that time.

That yard sale was not very extensive, but i was talking to the garage (and home) owner and he had a TON of old law books out. He had gotten them after a friend of his died. While looking through the books (including that Government book), i found coupons, notes, and letters from the CIA. Turns out, his now deceased buddy had been continuously applying to get into the CIA and we had a bunch of official CIA letters of rejection. The seller also said that he heard his buddy had a habit of stashing money in his old books, so I may have gotten more than I bargained for...

I also picked up this set of giant Disney books in a collection called the Treasure Chest for $0.50. It includes The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, 101 Dalmatians, Bambi, and my absolute favorite, Peter Pan! I actually collect Peter Pan books-- This is my 11th. I will admit that these are not the most convenient books to carry around, but I think they are sweet and I'm thinking of framing them perhaps. The pictures are lovely, and i am a huge disney fan. It only makes sense that I couldn't leave this. 

(side note, check out my adorable Tangled Reusable Shopping Bag. Cute, I know.)

Finally, I picked up this vintage 1960s copy of Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings by Jonathan Swift. I can't leave an old classic. I think the cover art is adorable and this book cost me only a quarter.

I hope you've found my yard sale finds interesting. I'm running short on cash, and I'm considering starting an online shop to sell some of my finds in order to make some money. 

I also decided that the dress i had originally bought for prom at a consignment shop is more suited to a homecoming or wedding. I'm saving it, because it's absolutely darling, but i went out and found a different, equally as adorable, but more appropriate dress for prom. It's an LBD (little black dress) and I'm planning to dress it up with some gold and ice blue. I'll post on that when I get everything together!

Happy hunting!



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  1. Really cool Erector set! I always think of the movie The Sandlot, where they build a contraption to try and retrieve the missing baseball from the mean ol' dog next door. Great finds, thanks for sharing.