Graduation outfit

This post is long overdue--

So, as you can see I have graduated! I am done with high school and can now move on to do more incredible and epic things in my life. Or just do nerdy things on my computer all day.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious that I'm wearing this classy polyester graduation gown-- blue, one of my school's colors, and the snazzy cap-- made by Herf Jones, where apparently "One size fits most" actually "one size, fits no one." Also the cap messed up my hair. :(

Despite that little snafu, I did put together a decent outfit to go underneath that charming ensemble. You can see it in these lovely photos below
Top to bottom, let's cover the outfit. 
For my hair, I did a side part side pony tail. I left it off the side, and then wore this vintage brooch I bought at a local shop run by the wonderful and amazing Lara of OohLaLara. It's an enamel pink flower piece with crystals in it. I also wore a jewel studded white and silver dragonfly clip bought by my friend Emma for my birthday from a consignment store called Chic Envy (hooray for second-hand).

The earrings were a gift from my friend Nikki (Emma's twin sister)-- cherry blossoms made of jewels, also from Chic Envy.

The pearls were from Kohls-- bought a year ago for choir for $15. I'm also wearing an Honors Graduate Medal-- It's our school's version of Valedictorian.

The Dress is a BCBG tea dress I got for $70 (compared to the original $180ish) at Chic Envy.

Lastly, I wore a pair of old flats-- payless shoes, $10
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My prom was last weekend! It was tons of fun. Before I get to anything else, I want to do an outfit breakdown.

The dress is an A-line little black dress. It made me look thin, which I liked, and A lines are just fabulous on me. I thrifted it for just $10. For info on how to grab a great prom (or any other occasion) dress, check out my guide to prom dress thrifting. Since I did go the LBD route, I needed to punch it up with an accent color-- I went for purple!

The hairband is from claire's (that store for cheap girl's accessories and teenybopper merchandise). It's a lovely purple flower made out of black metal and purple rhinestones. It added a pop to my hair.

I got the earrings from a "high end" thrift store for $7. They were well-backed studs with a purple gem on top, a band of little diamonds, and a purple pearl on the bottom. This is what I took with me to every store I visited when looking for other elements of my outfit-- it was all based around this earring!

The necklace had to be bought at the last minute. This dress really can't be worn without a necklace, given my neck and clavicular area. I got it at Nordstrom rack after it was marked down a week after I first saw it.  $17 down from the original $35. I had to buy it the day of prom!

The shoes are Bandolinos (ooh brand name). They're purple suede with purple suede flowers. They're about thee inches tall! I did go retail to buy these, but having saved hundreds of dollars on the dress made me feel that some retail splurges were not the end of the world. I got them at a discounted price at TJ Maxx. And you had better believe I'm taking these with me to college!

A lot of this outfit was done within a month and a half of the event, which is against my rules of event-specific thrifting. But it had to be done when, upon the advice of my family and date, I realized the dress I had picked in february or march (3-4 months ahead of time), was not prom appropriate. Although it felt like it was sewed for my by a clan of fairies so I could feel like a princess, it was more appropriate for a wedding or a homecoming-- something much less flashy than prom. So I had to hit the ground running and shift directions. (Don't worry though. I'll be wearing that dress to my Graduation, so you'll get a chance to see it.) 

I started with the dress. I took my boyfriend Jonathan with me-- He understands clothes so he helped me pick something that made me look good and was practical at a local thriftstore-- we had to visit a few. We picked this dress because it fit the 7 tennants of a good dance dress.
  1. It fit.
  2. It was secure.
  3. It looked good.
  4. It hid what needed to be hidden, and showed off what needed showing off.
  5. It was appropriate.
  6. It was in good condition.
  7. It moved well.
Given the Little-Black-Dress-i-ness of this dress (which I adore), I knew I needed to punch it up with a color. I went for our tried and true purple. I found the earrings and purchased them, then built the whole outfit using the earrings as a color guide. 

Our prom was a blast. My boyfriend and I planned it all out from the limo to the restaurants to the timing.  

We met up at my house for pictures and snacks and socializing. There were a good 45 minutes of photos. 

look at how cute we all are! The Limo came to pick us up a little early-- 7:30 instead of 8:00-- for dinner. 
From there we went to a local, family owned, Zagat rated Italian restaurant which was phenomenal. If you're ever in the Northern Virginia Area and happen upon Fairfax (the city, not just the County) and you're looking for some great Italian food, hit up Dolce Vita. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but the food is great and so is the inside ambience-- They had a russian violinist and guitar player playing in there and singing italian songs in his lovely Baritone voice. He'd walk to each table and serenade them.

Oh and did I mention the food?

Be jealous you don't live in NoVA. :) Or glad you do!

It's really important to support the local businesses in your area! We wanted to do that in a big way before we left for college-- what better than to arrive in a huge Limo with sixteen hungry teens?

After our delicious meal, we went off to our prom which was at one of those fancy places created specifically to hold events at-- They purposely don't do it at Hotels at our school, because they don't want to facilitate baby making or whatever. 

Our Prom theme was "Bella Notte" but this years juniors really failed on the decorations-- there were none. Our Prom is always Junior-Senior and is always planned by the Juniors. Wow, there were no indications at all that they did ... anything. I was on prom committee last year and I went to last year's prom. It was awesomely Masquerade themed-- we got masks for everyone to wear and some fancy mask centerpieces and colored cloth.... Class of 2011 knows how to work!

Prom was fun overall. I went with a bunch of friends and had an excellent time with my date. stuffed my face full of things dipped in the chocolate fountain. The DJ was not the best-- but they rarely are that great. My boyfriend is fantastic. Whenever I got overheated or tired he sat with me. When my feet hurt he massaged them (without my asking-- he just knew!) He's the best. 

She went back to my house in the Limo where people drove home from or awaited their rides from. Some of us decided to stay up even later and got breakfast at IHOP. It was 2AM and some of us fell asleep while waiting for our orders, but we had a blast being all strung out and flying on that post prom high! 

I hope you enjoyed my account of our crazy Prom tale!
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