First Williamsburg Thrift Trip

As you know, a couple of my girls, Jasmin and Yena, and I visited some local thrift stores to check out the scene and perhaps grab some halloween pieces as well as day to day clothing. We hit the CHKD and the Goodwill that are just a trolley or bus ride away. William and Mary and the City of Williamsburg have an excellent relationship, so students get to ride the bus or trolley for free with a flash of the student ID.
Yena and Jasmin on the bus

Before I get into the thrift hauls, we're going to go into the basic observations I have on the thrift culture here.

In general, the items at the thrift stores are typically pretty new. I imagine this is due to the huge college student community turning clothes around quick. Back in NOVA you can find everything from things someone wasn't able to return (never worn out) to things from the 70s and sometimes the 60s or 50s. Things were pricier over here. Books were $1 for paperback and $3 for hardback. Up at home it's typically $0.50 for a paperback and $1 for a hardback. This is going to stick a bit of a dagger into the heart of my plans to deal more books to Hatley, my new best friend and owner of Mermaid Books (why yes, I did write a review for Mermaid), which is a fabulous antique books store full of fantastic bits and bobs. We'll see.
Mermaid Books, my favorite place in CW

Hatley, my new best friend at the register of Mermaid Books

In general the items priced for $7 were things I could probably get for $4-5 in NOVA. But, considering that the profits went to charity, I didn't mind-- especially when I got such quality items out of it.

the CHKD had fun friendly service.
The CHKD is on the smaller side. it's organized by type (women's tops, dresses, shoes, books, men's jeans, etc.) and has a more eclectic selection. This is a little boutique thrift shop in that this is where some of the older items get stuck. It has less traffic than the Goodwill, so it's a good place to look.

The Goodwill was pretty interesting. I had never been to a Goodwill before. It was enormous. Everything was organized by type and then color with each rack with a sign stating the type of clothes and a $X unless otherwise marked. The selection was ridiculous. It was very clean and much better lit than the CHKD. Like I said, everything was a couple bucks more than I imagined it'd be from my experiences in NOVA, but I guess with such a huge college population flooding the thrift stores, it's easy for them to bump up the price a couple bucks without sales suffering. I wasn't able to satisfactorily peruse all the interesting shelves because we were short on time, but I guarantee you I shall return!

Now for our hauls-- or at least, mine and Jasmin's. Yena was unable to pose for our photo shoot.

 Here's my gorgeous friend Jasmin. She's wearing $8 magenta skinny jeans from Goodwill, a black camisole, and a button-down dress as a vest which she also got from Goodwill for $6. She's also got on my lia sophia necklace and her converse.
I got this funky bohemian skirt at Goodwill for less than $5. I thought it'd be excellent for both belly dancing and salsa club. I love dancing (although I am by no means a dancer). It's quite flippy and the color suits me I think. The belt is from my grandma. I've got my character shoes on and a simple white cami from old navy.
This is my Jessica McClintock dress that was mentioned in a previous post. I bought it in Fairfax. I have yet to get it dry cleaned, but I'll get it done. It was thrifted for $5 since it had a couple stains on it. 

This is Jasmin's very warm carnation pink corduroy jacket which she picked up at CHKD for $8. She's wearing it with some strappy sandals, faded jeans, and a white tank.

 Here's Jasmin in her adorable Dorothy-esque button-down that she got from CHKD for $6. She's modeling it with her white tank and elastic buttoned down skirt and strappies. I also adore her necklace  (I picked it out)

 I got this fabulous faux leather jacket $7, which has been something I've been on the look out for for over a year. It's very comfortable, and is cropped and fitted just exactly right for my body. the shoulders are slightly big, but being a bottom-heavy girl, I didn't mind. The faux leather is nice because real leather holds in odors and scents and this just smelled like faux leather. This leather jacket is the perfect way to add some edge to any outfit. I like wearing it with a sweet sundress/daydress to give it a rocker chick flair. I'm all about the studs-n-lace thing. I'm wearing it with a frock dress I got from Plato's Closet for around $10. Character shoes and my grandma's belt.
Jazz got this excellent skirt which I spotted for her. It's covered in tiny florals and a cream lace border and she got it at Goodwill for $5. She's also got on her strappies, a black tank, and a pink cardigan.
 Here's my top for my Marceline costume. I talked about how I'm dressing up as her for Halloween in my last post. I bought this for $4 at Goodwill. I like it because it's wearable even after Halloween. I've got on my converse and grey-wash jeans.
Jasmin got this dress at CHKD for $7. She's also wearing strappies and a bracelet she got on my recommendation from Plato's Closet.

Well I hope you enjoyed our thrift haul :)

-- Harper
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