Black Friday Haul

This post presents some difficulty because I bought christmas gifts for some friends who actually keep track of this blog. So I decided to go vague. Individual prices will not be listed, and there will be very few photos of individual items I bought. But anyway, I had such and awesome time.

I went to the outlet mall at 8pm Thanksgiving day until a little after midnight.  Here are the spoils!

Part One: Old Navy
Jeans! I bought 3 pairs of jeans for $15 each at Old Navy. They retail at $25. I adore Old Navy and I swear, my butt is made for those jeans! I lost some weight since starting at William and Mary. They say that Botetourtians face the freshman negative fifteen-- and I can see that. Well, not fifteen, perse, but 5-10 in my case. My jeans have been getting looser and now I've got these three new pairs of jeans. In addition, I got my first two pairs of skinny jeans. Five years late, but better late than never right? That was paid for by my father since jeans are a necessity.

Jeans Total Expenditure: $45 
Jeans Total Retail Price: $75 
Savings: 40%.

On my own tab-- and this is where prices will stop getting disclosed-- I bought some more awesome stuff.
This fabulous green peacoat is for myself. This is wool and is a bit more casual than the purple one I bought last year. The purple one is a winter knit and it's not as sturdy as this is. Also, this lush green really works on me :)
I bought two pairs of leggings. One in black, one in brown. Leggings are another basic that recently came into popularity that I am just now getting a hold of. What can I say, I wanted to make sure they were here to stay, and then I wanted to make sure I got them for the right price. Half price is the right price. 
I grabbed this beret in purple (my signature color). Gotta love warm hats.
This hat is cute and warm. And although it's a lot like a beanie, it has a brim which is really cute and blocks out the sun, as brims do. 
I grabbed a few of these reusable coffee cups. They're great little gifts for coffee lovers and tea drinkers alike. And being in college, that's kind of everyone. 

Old Navy Total Expenditures: $83.50
Old Navy Total Retail Price: $164.24
Savings: 49%

Part Two: Bass
I bought a ton of scarves. They are awesome and they are great gifts-- no sizing necessary. These are really good quality too.
I also got a bracelet set-- though not this one, although I believe this one is from Bass. It's a gift for a friend and I think she'll love it.

Bass Total Expenditures: $59.65
Bass Total Retail Price: $288.84
Savings: 79%

Part Three: Maidenform
Bought some new bras :) Nothing can stop a girl in awesome undies. I assume the same applies to guys, but that's really something that I don't know I want to ask. I got 4 bras!

Maidenform Total Expenditures: $24.98
Maidenform Total Retail Price: $63.00
Savings: 60%

Grand Outlet Mall  Total Expenditures: $168.13
Grand Outlet Mall Total Retail Price: $516.08
Grand Outlet Mall Savings: 68%
Oh snap. That's right. 

And the adventure continues at the mall!

Part Four: F.Y.E.
I bought six DVDs, some for me, some for gifts. 

FYE Total Expenditures: $34.95
FYE Total Retail Price: $58.95
Savings: 41%

Part Five: Hot Topic
I bought some eyeshadow. 2 eyeshadows in some of my favorite colors. I really like the eyeshadows at Hot Topic because they have so much pigment. When I'm older, I suppose I can't wear these kinds of things, but for now, rock 'n' roll ;)

Hot Topic Total Expenditures: $3.00
Hot Topic Total Retail Price: $8.00
Savings: 63%

Part Six: Pottery Barn Kids
I bought two airplane accessories for a bike. The propellers spin as you ride! I got them as gifts for my younger cousins. Had to pay retail though, but I think it was worth it.

PBK Total Expenditures/Retail Price: $10
Savings: none :(

Part Seven: The Body Shop
These are all for me! Everything in the store except for gift sets were 3 for $30. I bought water-proof mascara, some red lipstick, and black liquid eyeliner.

The Body Shop Total Expenditures: $30.00
The Body Shop Total Retail Price: $44.00
Savings: 32%

Mall Total Expenditures: $77.95
Mall Total Retail Price: $120.95
Savings: 36%

Oh, and here was our victory dinner: Korean pyuh chiggae

PS- I waited in line at Old Navy to be one of the first in the door. Since I was one of the first in line, I got a wristband that got me a FREE Kodak waterproof Digital Camera since I spent more than $45. That's my sister's Christmas Gift! 

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Black Friday 2011 - How to Prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday is arguably my favorite day of the year. It's up there with Christmas and Halloween. Why? Well, let me take you through my Black Friday, which actually begins on Thanksgiving Day for me.

I start on Thanksgiving, enjoying delicious fried foods-- my family does deep fried turkey, as well as fried chicken, fish, and calamari-- alongside classics like mashed potatoes, collard greens, etc. and Korean classics like Bulgogi, rice, and kimchi. It all works in a weird, delicious way. We have both sides of the family over for lunch. Then, after all the food, everyone goes home, and my household sleeps for 4 hours. We get up at 8pm and get ready and leave for the outlet mall. We get there around 9 or 9:30, when parking is madness, but not impossible.

And then it begins. We shop like mad until around 3am. And the savings from shopping so early are immense.

Black Friday starts with planning. When you have been Black Friday shopping as seriously and as long as I have, you want to maximize your time. You look up sales and locations ahead of time. You make lists of what you need to buy-- for yourself and for holiday gifts. You plan what you will pack to be able to keep going all night. You plan what to wear if you will be at an outdoor mall like me and need to stay warm.

My iphone currently has a sticky note app containing all this vital information. I have looked up the sales at my number one pick for shopping-- Old Navy. I love Old Navy because the basics are so handy to have around, and the prices are great. Not to mention their jeans make my butt look awesome :) Other places I will be checking out include Eddie Bauer, Nike, Adidas, Liz Claiborne, Bass, Charlotte Russe, and L'eggs Hanes Bali Playtex-- because underwear is something you never want to be short of in college.

Other stores I am considering hitting are Izod, Nautica, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel (although it is no longer listed on the mall's site :/) and Kate Spade (I love Kate Spade).

Are the savings worth staying up so late? YES. I once bought over $120 worth of stuff at the Liz Claiborne for under $10 and was told to pick out a free item. On top of that, it's kind of cool to experience something so novel and wacky-- there are energy drink and coffee companies who send out little trucks to hand out free drinks as a promotional thing for us batty shoppers.

What do you pack on a night of such crazy cold and fantastic deals at late hours? Well here's the rundown.

Layers. Black Friday shopping has often been about dressing in layers. This is important because while it'll be cold as the dickens outside, it will probably be hot in stores filled with bustling shoppers. Wear things you can get in and out of quickly for changing room ease.

Lists. Your shopping lists, your sale lists, your timeline (if you have one), and your gift list are all important. whether it's written down or in your phone, bring it.

A buddy. Friends are important to bring because not only is it often good to shop with a buddy, but they can hold your space in a long line while you shop, and then you can switch. Tag-team shopping is essential for stores with lines out the door.

Snacks. Shopping builds up an appetite-- running around, carrying bags, getting in and out of clothes. Granola bars, chips, crackers, pretzels, etc. are great ideas.

Water. You will be sweating. Stay hydrated.

Coffee. Bring some caffeine to help keep you going. I usually just budget in some money for coffee.

Folding Chair. Not necessary, but if you are planning to get into somewhere like the Coach or the Michael Kors, expect a line extending the mall.

Mall map and sales guides. These will help you map out your battle plan.
Hand warmers, hat, gloves, scarf. Cold weather gear is a must for outdoor shopping on cold nights!

Backpack or large purse. To carry all this stuff in! It can hold all your smaller cold weather gear when you shop. It'll also help keep you hands free of smaller shopping bags so you can really dig into the stuff!

Phone. Always have it on you!

I'll get back to you on how my black friday adventures go!

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