A Day in DC with my Sister and Cousin

Today, my sister, cousin, and I went with my dad to his work today so that we could hang out in DC. Sidney (my younger sister) had a project for AP US History that required her to go to a historical site, so she and my cousin, Claudia, went to Ford's Theater while I hung around my dad's office. I was going to go  to the National Postal Museum-- I've been dying to go since I first found out about it-- but I ran out of time. There wasn't enough time to go and have lunch, and the girls and I were planning to go shopping after lunch. So I'll save that for another day. I'll go to work with my dad and wander DC and enjoy the Postal Museum-- something no one wants to do but me :| But I had a great time anyway. I had a low key morning watching some really cool internet videos and reading up on the latest from twitter.

For lunch we went to one of my favorite places in DC-- Tony Cheng's, a Chinese and Mongolian Restaurant in Chinatown. Chinese is upstairs, Mongolian barbecue is downstairs. I've never had the Chinese, but the Mongolian is absolutely GODLY. You put veggies and meat in a bowl and place it on the counter for them to cook. They cook everything very quickly on a large, extremely hot cooktop. It is best to put a dollar in the tip jar, and they will say thank you and ask if you want more meat. You tell them which meat you'd prefer, and they add another bowl of it! It is fascinating to watch-- they cook everything quickly, stirring constantly with absurdly long chopsticks, and use those chopsticks to pick up the ridiculous amount of food and put it into a fresh bowl.

My food in the foreground, Claudia (L) and Sidney (R) in the background

I ended up with waaay too much food. I stacked veggies high, and got another bowl of lamb to go in with my cabbage, broccoli, and mushrooms. The result was so much food that it had to go into two bowls. This feast was accompanied by rice and the most delicious, flaky, crispy, mongolian sesame bread that we open up and stuff with our delicious barbecued meat and veggies. They also serve traditional pickled cabbage and carrots and peanuts as side dishes.

Behold the feast before me!
I ate 1.5 bowls, the rice, and a bread roll/stick-thing. Way too much, but hey, I'm going back to college in two weeks-- I gotta make it worth it don't I? It was amazingly delicious! Word of the wise: If you want to check this place out (and definitely do!) go on a weekday. On the weekend, Tony Cheng's raises lunch and dinner prices tremendously (as does pretty much every restaurant in high tourist traffic areas).

Afterwards, we went shopping at the Urban Outfitters in Chinatown a block or two away from the Chinatown Gateway. Urban Outfitters is one of those places I go to to look at cool things and get ideas on clothes and how to style things--not so much to actually buy. For the most part, Urban Outfitters is way out of my price range, but my sister and Claudia had checked it out before meeting my father and I for lunch and there was a sale that made on marked down products 50% off.

New rucksack courtesy of Urban Outfitters
So I bought this cute floral rucksack that was on sale. It originally cost $50 and was marked down to $20. Thanks to the sale, I grabbed it for $10. It's excellent. I love the print! A bold floral that isn't too loud and incorporates many colors I wear often-- green, pink, brown, and teal. I love the old-school style it has, and I have been drooling over rucksacks for ages! This is a great for days out where I don't feel like getting a purse out because I want something a little more laid back, but stylish enough for when I don't want to slack off and carry a tote or backpack. It fits my art and/or writing supplies, which is a huge plus. And for 80% off the original price? Yes please!

New nail polish!
I also bought pale mint green nail polish for $4 (on sale from $5). I figure it'd be cute for spring and summer, and the color is cool enough to wear in the cool months. I'm also trying to slowly amass a decent nail polish collection. I only own about 4 bottles of nail polish total, and eventually I want to have all my bases covered in terms of the colors.  One day.

We had a good time at the Urban Outfitters, and then headed to the art store near my dad's office, Utrecht. Now, I say art store instead of craft store because this is where you get really nice, artist quality stuff-- no scrapbooking sets, no ribbons or stickers, no foam or felt. I love going to this store and it always makes me want to splurge being inspired by walking around all those amazing tools. I rarely walk out of that store empty handed.

And I didn't.

Woohoo! Art supplies!
I bought two pads of watercolor paper-- 140lb and 12 sheets a pad. I also bought some new Sakura Micron Pens. I'm trying to get into doing some more serious quality ink and watercolor art. Appropriate paper is important because regular paper puckers too much from the water. I have some Microns already, but a few were lost in the hustle and bustle of high school and many are wearing down. They are really nice quality pens and I love working with them.

I love DC-- the colors, the harsh urban setting with the gorgeous old architecture, the styles of the many different people, the food, and the museums-- They're so much fun to experience and enjoy. There are always weird things to see. Whether they make you laugh or make you cry, it's wonderful and beautiful.

Tribute to a journalist killed in a bike accident
Gotta love the crazy ad/marketing ploys people use to get noticed in such a fast-paced city
If you have questions about DC, ask me, an almost-local, and I may be able to lend a hand :)
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