Link Share: Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Touches

Valentine's Day is less than a month away! Need some ideas on what to make, or little touches to add? Here's the low-down!

Simple way to add a sweet, fun touch to any envelope.

This little craftable coupon book can hold an array of coupons-- or use it to hold photos, card, scraps that hold memories (ticket stubs, matchbooks, business cards), or artwork.

Different cities with lovey-dovey names are letting you mail a letter to their postmaster, who will then postmark your love note with their special lovey-dovey stamp! It raises money for their town and helps out the postal service. Give it a shot!

Make these cute decorated jars for your sweetheart or your friends. Cute idea, super simple, and not too spendy either :)

Gorgeous paper valentine! Unique and memorable and very pretty.


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  1. Thanks for sharing my Valentine's Day love coupons!