Haul: Vintage, Professional, Industrial - It all happened at Goodwill!

I went thrifting again this weekend! Here are some recent thrifty finds :) I got some business attire, some clothes for spring, and some nice special occasion wear. I'm also showcasing Seb's finds from two weeks ago.

One of my favorite and most unique finds was this cute vintage shirtdress. It comes with a matching belt and the top button is a really fancy gem-like button with silver colored framing. I love the pattern and I'm always on the look out for cool vintage pieces to add to my wardrobe!

It's also a nice length and color on me and it accentuates my small waist and adds some structure to my top with small shoulder pads that balance out its fullness and length of skirt. And, you know. my larger bottom-- I am a pear shape and it's kind of awesome if you know how to work it. It needs some minor work but it's still very wearable even in this condition.

A little blurry but I think you can make out how cool this is.
This lovely number set me back only $6. Imagine what I'd pay in any vintage store!

Another thing on my list of things to watch out for was a nice, well-fitted blazer. Well I have prayed and the Thrift Gods have answered. This blazer fits like a glove! And for $5, who can argue?

It's happening everyone. Denim Jackets are coming back this season for wear with your shorts, tees, and dresses. This one is a bit big in the sleeves, but gives me a nice shape in the torso without being too form-fitting-- something that is generally a bad thing when working with a material as sturdy and rigid as denim. This cost only $4. Not bad!

This button-down shirt will work well at career-related events and is versatile enough for everyday. Maybe it's low brow of me but I love clothes that aren't dry-clean only. This top was $3. I think that vertical stripes look good on pretty much everyone. Except maybe the exceptionally tall. The three-quarter sleeve, as pointed out by my friend Yena, makes it not too formal for everyday but not too casual for the office.

I also got this cute blue dress. Perfect for casual outings. It has a well fitted (and only slightly constricting) bodice that high lights my natural waist which then turns into an A-line skirt-- which is great because it hides my large butt and thighs. $4

Finally for my portion of this post, I got this spectacular piece. Yena forced me into it and made me get it. I think it's a bit too short, but admittedly, I look awesome in it and all my other dresses seem to be either sundresses or prom/homecoming/foofy/elegant things that I can't wear to college parties very often at all. I haven't been to one, but I guess it's good to have a dress for all occasions-- and who can argue with an LBD?

Disclaimer: I'm not going to lie to you all. I'm sucking in the two dinners
I decided to have tonight.
I don't usually wear stuff this short or tight, but man does it make my butt look good!

Pear. Shape.
And you gotta love the gold and sparkle detailing on the straps.
Hardware really adds some wow to pieces!
I got this hot LBD for half off since it was orange tag week. $3. Worth it!

Seb found this small metal box that seems to have tracks for file organizing. He's going to use it to keep track of important documents. He and I are both the kind of people who have issues keeping our spaces organized and lose things somewhat frequently. Thusly, we are also both the kind of people obsessed with organizational products. He's really into the industrial design aesthetic, so it really is perfect for him. It was around $3.

Look at this cutie! Featuring recent hair cut for the Coast Guard Auxiliary
He also got this nice blazer for only $3 since it was half off. He always seems to have a hard time finding formal clothes for when he needs them, so he's happy that he's building up that area of his closet. It's a good fit on him which is key.

He also got this awesome Vintage Film Canister box, with little edge shelving for holding the film canisters. It was $7.25 and seriously, it's probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

It had several empty film canisters in there and one with a reel! Super cool, fits his aesthetic, and can be used as storage. The canisters can open up to hold ticket stubs, paper clips, etc. as well as form shelving. Awesome!
An index so you know which reel is in which slot.
This was a very long post but I hope you enjoyed it. Have you had any luck at your local thrift? Post a comment below!

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