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Living in a dorm is in many ways, an adjustment to say the least, from normal home life. What used to fit all across a house, condo, or even apartment now has to fit in one room. Granted, not everything in your house goes with you to college, but you've only got one room, and chances are, you have to share it.

You are now short on space for all your stuff. Welcome to college.

You now share a space with a stranger and have to keep not only room stuff in there but your bathroom stuff, your office/desk stuff, your sports stuff, your school stuff, and your food stuff in there. Your mini fridge and your vacuum and your coffee maker and all that other stuff you had spread out at home is now cozied up in one room with all your roommate's stuff too. 

When you're short on space, it's best to think taller. And by that I mean it's time to use vertical space. 
Stack things, get shelves, and hang things. 

My first year at W&M I learned about the value of vertical space-- and that Command Hooks are your savior.

If you aren't familiar with Command Hooks, you should check out their website. They create hooks you stick on to the wall. They come off without damaging the wall or paint, and they stay as long as you need them to-- and don't overload them. You may remember seeing their commercials around holiday time since they are great for hanging wreathes around your house-- when the seasons over you take off the wreath and the hook so your wall doesn't look weird with a giant wreath hook sticking out of it.

Anyway, Command Hooks are fantastic, especially when space is tight. Here are some ways I've used Command Hooks at school:
Hang your necklaces
  • Put your keys on it. Put a pair of hooks right by the door for you and your roommate so they're easy to grab and not lost in the depths of your purse or the pile of stuff on your desk. Or the floor.
  • Hang your necklaces on it. Necklaces are easier to see and pick when you can see them and don't have to spend a half hour untangling it from all the jostling around in your jewelry box. 
  • Bags bags bags. I'm a purse gal myself. For some girls it's shoes. For some girls it's jewelry. For some girls it's make up. For me, it's all bags. I have purses, backpacks, and lets not forget the reusable shopping bags :) I organize and hang them up to keep them off the floor.
  • Hanging organizers work on hooks. Have you ever seen an over-the-shower-head shower organizer? You can use them to hold stuff in your own room, hanging them on the hook instead of a shower-head. It's basically a cheap mini-shelf!
Command Strips, the sticky backings on the hooks are also great for dorm living. Not only can they be used on your hooks when the ones the hooks come with run out, but they can be used for other things too!
  • Stick light photo frames on the wall. It may take a couple Command Strips, but it works out pretty nicely if you can't drill hooks or nails into your walls. I recommend only using light, not terribly fragile frames for this though. Should anything crazy happen (crazy earth shaking storms, or you underestimating strips needed for the project) it is best to avoid things like something heavy os fragile.
  • Secure items that just keep falling! You don't necessarily have to go vertical with these things. Last semester I wanted to make sure one of my powerstrips stuck onto my desk. I used it to power and charge all kinds of stuff from my laptop to my desk lamp to my phone and sometimes even toothbrush when it ran out of juice. I had a problem with it falling when I moved things around on my desk or if I jostled it in my sleep. I Command Strip'd that sucker down and didn't have issues with it anymore. You can also strip/strap down your alarm clock if you're one to knock it over, other desk items like your lamp, or containers and organizers you don't want sliding around in your drawers. make sure you leave some of the tab sticking out so you can unstick your stuff later.
I totally would recommend Command Hooks to any and every college student. There are about only two things they don't really work well on-- textured walls (not enough for the sticky stuff to grab) and wet walls-- which can happen if you experience a lot of intense humidity, or have very cool walls and a very hot room. In the case of a textured wall, there's not much you can do to make the wall and the adhesive play nice, but in the case of a wet wall, I'd recommend drying the wall of throughly or waiting for a day when conditions improve. Humidity typically won't unstick what's already been thoroughly stuck. Unless it's super humidity, in which case, call a scientist!

I'm totally here to help you all out too, so here are is the link to command product coupons, brought to you by the Command site itself. On the site you can also learn more about the products and sign up for a newsletter so you can get more coupons and such in your email if you so choose.

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