Peterson's Ice Cream in Clifton

As you all may know, I'm back in Northern Virginia (aka NoVA) for the summer. I'm working full time, 40 hours a week, which means I've really got to maximize my weekends. A couple weekends ago I went up to Clifton, a little town near where I live. It. Was. Adorable.

Historical Train-- you can't get inside, but you can climb on.
They store decorations the town uses  during holidays
and festivals inside.
The food there is amazing. You can hit The Main Street Pub for fabulous  food-- breakfast, lunch, or dinner! It is phenomenal. Burgers, sandwiches, and more, all with that classic American taste of wholesome flavor. Oh goodness! The Main Street Pub appeared in Travel and Leisure Magazine for its pure deliciousness and quaint small town charms.

This church is gorgeous! And so cute!
But if you can make it out for a meal, you simply MUST go to Peterson's Ice Cream Depot. Voted best frozen treat by Northern Virginia Magazine-- a verdict I whole-heartedly agree with-- this ice cream is phenomenal with that rich taste that you can't find in the freezer aisle. They make up some crazy (delicious) flavors and you can have them whip you up shakes and malts in addition to ice creams. 

They totally embrace their backyard party feel and I have to admit, I'm a sucker for adorable chalkboards.

I've been here twice now and I can't wait to go back. If you're in the NoVA or DC area, check this place out. It is phenomenal and the town around it is super cute!

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  1. I actually went to Clifton minutes after seeing your post as I was having a boring day. I didn't find the ice cream suuuper fantastic, maybe I just wasn't in the mood. But the town was the cutest. I actually hope to live there when I choose to settle down. No joke.

    Thanks, Harper ;)