5 Inspirations: Cuteness and Displays!

This is where I talk about and show you some things that mean a lot to me and/or get my imagination going! Yes, this is an eye-candy post!

Hanging Painted Mason Jars 
This was part of a display at Anthropologie. I don't buy things there but I really love looking at the things there. They're great inspiration. This would be great for a photoshoot set. Mason jars + watered down paint + hanging apparatus-- so pretty!

Childhood nostalgia is something I'm pretty big on-- and who didn't love a good game of Candyland? You didn't even need numbers to play this game, so it was particularly awesome-- and I know I'm not the only kid who imagined themselves having amazing adventures in Candyland. Candyland is so brilliant!

 Fabric Cacti for the Home
More things at Anthropologie! Fabric Cacti in a sweet tablescape! Cute! Simple! Kitschy!

Chicken Planner
This is my planner-- I bought it at a Korean stationery store for about $3. I think cute chickens are the best! Organization is best when form meets function, and man, do I love my little Chicken planner!

Candy Display
This is a display at the Juicy Couture-- not a store that's quite my style, but I love beautiful jars and candy so how could I not love this display? Truth be told, I'd love to design store window displays!

I take most of my photos on my iphone-- but I'd love to get a nice SLR someday (when I can afford it). These photos are on my instagram account as well. You can follow me on instagram: my username is harperdearest.


  1. Never heard of Candy Land until I started reading blogs from the USA.

    Does it make you want to eat Lollies? When I read the book Chocolate I ate a LOT of chocolate!!! It could be a dangerous game...

    1. I once had a boyfriend who grew up in South America, so it was not something he'd ever heard of either.

      Basically it is a very simple board game through which players move through the kingdom of Candyland and try to get to the very end. There are no dice-- only card indicating colors. players travel to the nearest tile of whatever color was drawing. There are also some ways to lose turns or get pushed backwards in the game. I really like the artwork in it and it's nice for kids who aren't masters of counting yet. :)