DIY: Re-Style a Bulletin Board!

 Check out the pretty fabric-covered bulletin board I made! I love bulletin boards because I'm a visual person-- and I have a tendency to be a piler. A piler is someone who saves stuff they like into piles-- only to have them buried until the next clean-out day. Bulletin boards are a great solution for pilers because it keeps things in sight and off your horizontal surfaces--not to mention my love affair with things that help me utilize vertical space.

Here's the before picture:

This bulletin board was my dad's in college. It's a pressed fiber board, which works like cork, but isn't actually cork. It had a wood frame and a pretty whack red fabric inside. It was a lame and outdated as the word "whack" being used in reference to design. Obviously I had to do something about this.

Here's how I did it

Not gonna lie, I got some really great help from my dad, who let me work in his workshop and use his tools. The majority of this project doesn't really take any heavy duty equipment, but it felt silly not to take advantage of the tools my dad had-- specifically the pneumatic nail gun. You can probably use a regular hammer and nails or a good staple gun for my pneumatic bit.

Anyway here's what you need!

  • Bulletin Board -- take it apart from the frame
  • newspaper
  • spray primer
  • spray paint
  • pretty fabric
  • scissors (not pictured)
  • spray adhesive (not pictured)
  • staple gun w/ staples (not pictured)
  • hammer (not pictured)
  • pneumatic nail gun and nails (not pictured)

Note - for nails and staples, be sure to use an appropriate size! You want to make a pretty board, not a torture device.

These are the spray paints and primers I used. I decided to paint the frame, but you don't have to-- nor do you have to use spray paint! make sure you read all the instructions and use this stuff only in a well-ventilated area.

 I sprayed the primer first-- that's why it's primer. you have to make sure to coat everything really well. Get the sides too! Use short, one directional strokes. Go back and forth, but release the spray button when switching directions-- otherwise, the spots you switch directions at will get double spray and be too wet and tacky!

While that's drying, you can work on your board!

Lay out your fabric. Cut out the fabric to size.

Spray the bulletin board with spray adhesive. This will help you keep the fabric intact. Smooth out any wrinkles in your fabric! Flip your board over to begin further securing the fabric.

 I left the red fabric on because the pressed fibers are not quite as solid as cork and I didn't want to break the board in my attempts to get the fabric off-- now the red is on the back of my board.

Bust out your staple gun! Start at a corner, then do the middle of a side and the other corner. Then work on the middle. And just keep going! Afterwards, use a hammer to really secure the staples and get them flush with the board's surface.

hammer time!

So now that that's done, let's get back to the frame. Or maybe a TV/writing break if your primer is still drying.

Now it's time to spray the color! Once again, read all the instructions, make sure you use the technique mentioned previously, and cover everything. I put these wood blocks under neath the frame to make it easier to spray the sides. Once again, wait for this to dry and do a few coats.

I didn't get photos of this last step, but basically I popped board into the frame and took the nail gun and diagonally nailed the board to the frame. You may not have to do this depending on your frame, but since mine was literally just a wooden rectangle, this was the only way to secure it in there.

and done!


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