Last Weekend in New York

I love New York!
Let me just say I had the best time in New York last weekend. I couldn't figure out how exactly to share that, because there was way too much awesome.

I went up to go to a conference, specifically the HerCampus National InterCollegiette Conference. You may remember I planned the first incarnation of this event for Virginia chapters.

Let me just say that I am incredibly fortunate to be working with a group of motivated, amazing women like the ones at HerCampus. They have presented me with phenomenal opportunities, outstanding training and education from in-industry professionals, career opportunities and feet-in-the-door, and connections to amazing young women whom I have become great friends with.

I really couldn't figure out how to go about talking about everything, so this post is mostly about the photos. :)

My name badge - created with the best font ever-- OSTRICH!
The screens in the large presentation room. They also featured tweets in (almost)
real time about the conference!
Ann Shoket, Editor-In-Chief of Seventeen Magazine, was one of our keynote speakers. 
Networking and livetweeting in the Atrium.
Tracey and Callie and me-- We're Ultra Amped!
Swag from the conference! Over $150 worth from sponsors and partners.
I also got a copy of Emily Post's Etiquette, signed by Anna Post
(one of our keynote speakers) and Peggy Post!
I won an Intel Ultrabook-- a Zenbook by Asus -- while at the conference!
44th and Lexington-- This is where I spent my nights-- well on the inside of the hotel.
Breakfast the morning after the conference at Crumbs Bakeshop!
Crumbs caffeine and HerCampus high get my through my last day in New York--
only a half day before I catch the train home!
I successfully wandered the streets and ended up in Times Square! Success!

I am crazy about Newsies--
I plan on coming back to New York this winter to watch the Broadway show!
Every time I travel to a new city, I try to hit the Disney store :)
I bought a really cute Newsies shirt, and the stores in big cities are the BEST!

Penn Station,  heading home :)

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