Paradise and Demons

I have shared some of my art journal pages with you all before and I'd sort of like to continue to do so. I don't show you all everything, but I do like sharing the highlights. Here are two more pages from my art journal.


It is not so easy to identify our demons, and even when we know their faces and names, we may never truly know their depths.

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Jewelry Haul from Charming Charlie's

I have a weakness for jewelry. Particularly necklaces. I love shopping for accessories and our last trip to New Town was a good one. I was looking particularly for stuff I could wear to College Fashion Week in Raleigh. I'm going with some of my buddies from HerCampus VCU on behalf of HerCampus W&M. Here's what I bought!

Bee Necklace! I love bee motifs and I love hexagons! This is a fantastic piece and it was on clearance! $4 knocked down to $2 thanks to BOGO 1/2 off :)

Silver scalloped Art-Deco style necklace and earring set. I'm thinking of wearing this to CFW. It'd add some texture. I've got two outfit ideas going. $6 on clearance (this is what enabled me to be able to get the bee necklace for $2).

Gold Filigree Leaf Headband. I like headbands (even though they give me wicked headaches sometimes) and I love gold filigree. Had to have it. $10

Ice Blue and Ocean Blue Bracelet. It's elastic so it's relatively fuss free. I am hoping to wear it to College Fashion Week. Really, though, I might end up just wearing my Disney Swarovski bracelets. I love Disney, guys. $10

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Back on Campus Photoshoot

I love doing photoshoots with my friends.

My Roommate, Emily, and me.

They are tons of fun. I love shooting them and getting them great photos for their profile pics and such. It's a really great way to make someone feel awesome when you can tease out the evidence that they are beautiful in some sort of tangible form. It's a really fun way to get nice profile pictures and headshots too!

This is a photo heavy post. Prepare yourself.
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