Back on Campus Photoshoot

I love doing photoshoots with my friends.

My Roommate, Emily, and me.

They are tons of fun. I love shooting them and getting them great photos for their profile pics and such. It's a really great way to make someone feel awesome when you can tease out the evidence that they are beautiful in some sort of tangible form. It's a really fun way to get nice profile pictures and headshots too!

This is a photo heavy post. Prepare yourself.

This was our back to school photoshoot. We're going to do another one in the fall and such. The humidity outside this time of year is never pleasant here in Williamsburg. We went out around 11am (instead of the original 10:30 since everyone but me took forever getting up/ready) and took our time at the Crim Dell, on of W&M's most iconic landmarks.

Emily : Dress & Belt - JC Penney || Flip Flops - Macy's || Bracelets - Claire's || Necklace - Gift
Mimi (my friend since Elementary school) and Emily
The pollen here is ridiculous since our school is pretty swampy and green. You can see it floating in the water of the Crim Dell. The bridge in the back is the picturesque part. I'm sure you are wondering why we aren't standing on it.

William and Mary is a very old school. Older than the United States and second only in age in the US to Harvard. We have many traditions, ghost stories, and superstitions here. So it goes that the person you walk over the bridge with is supposed to be your soulmate/spouse for life. You're supposed to walk over it with your significant other and some people propose there. The only way you get out of it is to throw said person over the side, which is actually pretty dangerous, so it's key to avoid those circumstances. We hold this legend, and many others, to be very dear to us. Walking over as a joke could not only ruin your life, but it's kind of spitting in the face of the people who have done so with the hope and faith that this particular rite at our school would help them weather what ever came to pass, together.

Mimi : Dress - Stone Flower || Shoes - Charlotte Russe
Jacket, Earrings, and Necklace - Various Street Vendors
Here's Emily and me.
Harper: Necklace - All That Glitters Boutique (Clifton VA) || Dress - Francesca's Collections
Belt - Hand-me-down from Grandma || Shoes - DKNY via TJ Maxx

Lily and Mimi, buddies since High School.

Lily : Necklace -  from Mimi || Dress - Aerie || Belt - from another dress from Kohl's || Sandals -

Lily is extremely photogenic and is made of gorgeous lines.

Emily fixes Mimi's posture. Mimi regresses. Emily returns for revenge!
Mimi does not know how to pose.  Captain Morgan / Little Teapot.

Lily is way too perfect for us.

Jasmin : Dress - Target || Shoes - Target || Bracelet - Gift from me || Earrings - Forever 21

After we had our fun at the Crim Dell, it started getting too hot and sticky so we moved to the prettiest indoor location we could think of-- Blair. Blair is really gorgeous on the inside, but also low lit. We had to find areas of decent light. We did some playing in the lobby and with the statues.

Emily in Blair with Blair

This is what friendship is.

I wish this wasn't so blurry.

I am an Asian Amazoness.
From there we went to a classroom upstairs so that we could make use of the chalkboards.

Did I mention that Lily is sometimes a little bit terrifying?

The most Asian of us all.

This is how we operate.
PS- In case you haven't noticed, Thrifty Miss Harper now has it's own domain! This blog is now at!

Thanks for joining me on my photoshoot adventure at William and Mary! 

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