Jewelry Haul from Charming Charlie's

I have a weakness for jewelry. Particularly necklaces. I love shopping for accessories and our last trip to New Town was a good one. I was looking particularly for stuff I could wear to College Fashion Week in Raleigh. I'm going with some of my buddies from HerCampus VCU on behalf of HerCampus W&M. Here's what I bought!

Bee Necklace! I love bee motifs and I love hexagons! This is a fantastic piece and it was on clearance! $4 knocked down to $2 thanks to BOGO 1/2 off :)

Silver scalloped Art-Deco style necklace and earring set. I'm thinking of wearing this to CFW. It'd add some texture. I've got two outfit ideas going. $6 on clearance (this is what enabled me to be able to get the bee necklace for $2).

Gold Filigree Leaf Headband. I like headbands (even though they give me wicked headaches sometimes) and I love gold filigree. Had to have it. $10

Ice Blue and Ocean Blue Bracelet. It's elastic so it's relatively fuss free. I am hoping to wear it to College Fashion Week. Really, though, I might end up just wearing my Disney Swarovski bracelets. I love Disney, guys. $10


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