Photos from College Fashion Week Raleigh

Last weekend I spend the first half of Fall Break on a road trip with my good buddies from HerCampus VCU! My darling friend Chelsea Kubo, whom I met through HerCampus, invited me to join her team and attend College Fashion Week in Raleigh, North Carolina! College Fashion Week was of course put together by HerCampus along with U by Kotex and held in four cities across the country.

The event was absolutely amazing-- it was so beautiful and fun! The HerCampus teams at UNC, NCSU, and Duke did a really phenomenal job putting it together! I got to sit right in front of the runway (even in front of the press) since the VCU team and I were given VIP seating! So glamorous! I never thought I'd be at a real fashion show, but there I was, in VIP seating, next to the catwalk, eating pink rock candy and bustling through my swag bag!

I had an amazing time! Here are some photo highlights! More photos after the break.

 Windsor Hanger, Harvard grad, one of the three HerCampus founders, and our MC for the night!

 Me and my VIP program!

 Below: The opening act by Acapology. I love me some acapella!


Me and a model's legs! I was literally right next to the catwalk!

Athletic wear!

 She was my favorite model because she knew how to work!

This boy was so talented!


 Windsor's adorable little sister CarlyMae modeled!

 One of the Duke Campus Correspondents modeling!

My camera died before formalwear! I recharged it again afterwards, but sadly I'm not able to share it with you.

I love the way this show focused on things college girls could afford to buy. It wasn't about things we couldn't have. It was also very practical. I also loved how they used real college girls with real bodies as their models!

I had a fantastic time at College Fashion Week!


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