Black Friday Haul 2012

I'm about done for the day ya'll. I had a crazy night, starting from 7pm to 1am at the Outlets, a one hour break and then back out to Target and then Old Navy. I was done at 5am.

There are christmas presents in this mix. This make things difficult for me, so I'm putting stuff under the break. If you don't want to see your gift and you're one of my close buddies, I may have already brought your present so don't look under the break!

GRAND TOTAL: $394.33
I saved a total of 40.1%!


Charlotte Russe
2 Scarves, one for me and one for one of my cousins.
Retail value: $18
I paid: $10
Savings: $8

3 DVDs (Joyful Noise, Anastasia, and Easy A), 1 3/4-sleeve blue sweater, one gold and white 2013 planner, one teal blank page notebook, one multipack of earrings, one pair of earrings, a pair of handtowels, one sparrow sweater, one purple long-sleeve tee, one translucent bee-print 3/4 sleeve top, one dark red knit beret, 2 pairs of knee highs, and one pair of fuzzy knee highs.
Retail value: $201.39
I paid: $156.64
Savings: $44.75

Old Navy 
2 pairs of jeans, one blue toggle coat, 2 basic tees, and one black peacoat.
Retail value: $162.88
I paid: $90.61
Savings: $72.27

Restoration Hardware
A Present for someone.
Retail value: $12
I paid: $9
Savings: $3

Kate Spade (aka my favorite)
Wallet for my roommate
Retail: $125
I paid: $57
Savings: $68

2 pairs of tights, 3 camis, and 2 statement necklaces.
Retail value: $139.10
I paid: $71.12
Savings $67.98

That's it for my haul guys! I don't think I'll do anymore shopping today, but that's my haul so far! I hope you all had tons of fun this Black Friday season... I know I did!

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