Thanksgiving Break in Photos - LOTS OF FOOD

Upon returning to campus I'm swamped with finals exams to study for, projects to finish, and papers to write. So today, you'll have to just live with my photos instead of a long drawn out account of my break-- which wasn't terribly eventful or groundbreaking anyway. Except for the Black Friday Haul which I go into in depth here and the Thanksgiving feast! Here's a look at the food, the fun, and the madness through photos from my instagram.

After picking me up from school, my dad took me to our favorite
Italian place in Williamsburg-- Francesco's!
Calamari at Francesco's
Butter Pesto Seafood Pasta
Dutch-oven brisket my sister made the night my cousins came in to town
The Thanksgiving feast
Clock-wise from top: deep-fried flounder, deep-fried cheesy riceballs,
deep fried squid, and deep-fried brocolli
(We deep fry a lot on Thanksgiving)
Deep-fried turkey
Ham. I didn't get the configuration of it but whatever.
Buttermilk battered fried chicken, courtesy of my sister.
Mashed potatoes
Two deep-fried chickens. 
The spread.
Black Friday
Heaven is being near the front of the line at the Kate Spade store on
Black Friday before it opens.
click through to see my Black Friday haul.
Korean bone soup! Spicy and delicious!
Bonding with my sister and taking pictures of her when she's not looking!
Banchan before our Seafood Tofu soup comes out!
Delicious seafood tofu soup!
Last day in town
Shrimp and Broccoli 
Fancy authentic Chinese food spread at 100 Degrees Celsius
Playing with my aunt's dog before we leave town for Williamsburg!
Well, back to work! I've got one week left and then it's all finals. Good luck everyone and I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

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