12 Things I'm Leaving Behind at Midnight on New Year's

It was so wrong, but it felt so right.
One of those bags was just filled with bacon.
New year, new beginnings, and things are coming to an end. 2012 was a year full of some great up swings for me. There are a lot of improvements I want to make in 2013 and I think that a big part of that is that I need to make a commitment not just to embracing new things, but to letting go of old things. So in order to help me set better goals, I'm saying good-bye to the old.
  1. Unnecessary all-nighters. I am the queen of messed up sleep cycles and I'm done with that nonsense. It's making it hard for me to study, eat right, and enjoy day time. 
  2. Snacking on fries. Why did I ever think this was a good idea? I need to have healthy foods more readily available.
  3. Eating out so much. I should cook more! I hate dining hall food for the most part and I tend to eat on a weird schedule anyway, so I tend to grab fast food or overpay for a decent meal. 
  4. Disorganization. I need to be better at organizing and keeping everything in order. From my room to my notes to my thoughts. 
  5. Bad notes. What is the point of taking notes if they are not awesome? I think this is also the root cause of my grades not being as good as I'd like.
  6. Unemployment. I mean, I had a job over the summer, but I think it's time to get a job. I'm thinking about working at a movie theater or at the outlets.
  7. Putting off opening that new bank account. I want to open a new checking account for the things I'm saving up for, including a Disney Vacation and a nice camera! Having a separate account will help keep me from dipping into the money.
  8. Compulsive facebook checking. Really, not that much goes on-- why am I expecting it to?
  9. Not wearing sunscreen. I need to start a legitimate morning and night beauty routine. I don't want to end up like my mother-- and by that I mean that she developed an allergy to the sun due to overexposure. My mom is lovely :)
  10. Gaining weight. I need to stop! My body doesn't feel like my body anymore. I used to hover in a pretty stable range, but my weight has gotten out of control (because my eating has gone out of control and my exercise has disappeared). Its so bizarre suddenly realizing things that used to be easy are now difficult-- and I didn't imagine that this would happen until I was at least middle aged! I need to be done with that lifestyle!
  11. Soda. I'm cutting out soda except for Boylan's, a vintage style soda that I don't get very often because it's pricey, and Sunkist, which I'll only have if I need to pull an all-nighter. It's actually cheaper and more effective than coffee for me. I guess the smaller dose of caffeine goes a long way with me, and there's no warm milk to counteract the caffeine. (I'm one of those wimps who has to drink "coffee drinks" because I can't handle regular coffee). Having a lot of caffeine is not good for me anyway due to my anxiety issues.
  12. Failing to write! I need to write more! More poetry, more articles, more blog posts, more everything. I also need to read more. I'm excited to announce, however, that I'll be taking a class on Oscar Wilde, so that should provide some excellent material for me to reflect on. 

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