2012 Firsts

2012 has been a year of firsts for me. I think that that's a good thing-- If you run out of firsts, it means you ran out of new experiences and didn't take chances. Every year should have its fair share of firsts.

First internship/job at Gannett. I learned so much about the industry as well as about being a professional. It was a really wonderful job full of fantastic people who taught me so much. Plus the cafeteria was extremely awesome. It was a phenomenal experience.

First manicure. My roommate Emily is responsible for that. I visited her up in Jersey for her Birthday and we all went and got our nails done. Apparently not having a professional manicure before at age 19 is weird. Oh well. I've never been one for normal.

First time in New York alone. I went by myself up to New York City for the first ever National HerCampus InterCollegiette Conference. It was amazing. I made so many friends through HerCampus and I won a laptop and got to speak in front of all these amazing girls. I visited Times Squares and bought my first Newsies shirt. I met the HerCampus Team-- it was all so wonderful.

First finished year of college. I came out of it okay I think.

First blog sponsorship. First blog domain name-- and then a second domain name. HarperHoney is here to stay though.

First college party. It was weird. I have a hard time figuring out if it would have been better or worse if I had had some alcohol. (I don't drink.) I think maybe I'm just not one of those people who likes parties like that.

First time buying my very own real purse. You know, there are bags and purses, and then there are the real, "big girl" purses. Some women are all about shoes-- I'm all about purses. I bought a red crossbody by Kate Spade (my favorite designer) and it was the first time I ever bought something like that for myself.

First time planning an event. A huge event. The conference I planned last year was a huge stressful project, but ultimately it was awesome. I also met some awesome people there and I'm looking forward to the next conference.

Coming up, first time out of the country! I'm going on a cruise. I hope I have a good time and that my dad doesn't get seasick. I'll update you after I get back!

Did you have any awesome firsts this past year? Share below or put a link!

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