I Finally Watched Dostana!

Dostana is a Bollywood movie that I've been meaning to watch forever. It's a romantic comedy and it's excellently over the top on the comedy element. I finally watched it a couple nights ago. Worth the 2 hours of my life (Indian movies are longer than American ones).

I'm pretty big into foreign music in general. I mean, that's not to say I like everything (because that's ridiculous) but I'm not turned off by not understanding the language or hearing less western or modern sounds in music. I like hearing undertones of folk music or more east asian progressions etc. Some people get turned off by it because they're not used to it or it just doesn't speak to them but that's not really me. I like a lot of diverse kinds of music. I tend to be a more song-by-song person than a genre person.
"Jaane Kyun"

Anyway, in high school I had a phase where I was really into Bollywood music. I grew up in a really diverse area and so I was exposed to a lot of different stuff and I just fell so hard for Bollywood music and its jazziness and danceability. I'm the kind of person who plays a series of songs they're crazy about for like one month straight so I was on a Bollywood kick for a while and Dostana was added to my list of movies to see because I loved the music. My friends said it was a lot of fun too.

The plot revolves around Sam and Kunal who are looking for an apartment in Miami when they find a posh place with two rooms available and in their budget-- the only problem is that the other tenant, Neha, doesn't feel comfortable renting the room to two men. Kunal and Sam decide that in order to grab spots in the apartment, they'll tell Neha that they are gay lovers. They become the best of friends and eventually the two fall in love with Neha, but they still have to keep up the charade of being boyfriends. Hilarity, confusion, and heart-warming ensues.

"My Desi Girl"

The thing I like about the movie is how it was such an interesting blend of a movie, a musical, and a music video. The opening and closing songs were basically music videos that tied in a bit thematically to the plot but were not really related to the reality of the movie. The rest of the songs either played in like a regular soundtrack like during a montage or were made into big song and dance numbers. So excellent.

"Shut Up and Bounce" is one of the more Music Video like numbers. It's the opening credit scene and serves basically to set up the setting in Miami and show Sam and Kunal enjoying a party and beach heavy lifestyle. The woman singing the song actually has nothing to do with the plot, and so this is really just a music video setting up the location of the movie.

One of the criticisms of Bollywood movies recently (as in in the past decade or so) has been that the music is less about the story and more about generating pop-y, club-mixable music that will keep the movie in the public consciousness longer. Which is probably fair, but I think most things in the mainstream music scene are guilty of this. Case in point: The Cast of Glee has had more #1s than The Beatles. I don't necessarily think that this makes the movies bad, just made not as soul-crushingly deep-- but even then, the movies aren't totally about the music. They're about the storyline and the music usually is more about the pizzazz and adding a little fantasy-- the music isn't as ensconced in the storytelling the way it is in a traditional musical.

Maybe my constant desire for a more musical life is why I am drawn to this mode of storytelling.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie. It was a little campy and over the top at points, but it was still very strong in my opinion. You can grab it on Amazon or on iTunes :)


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