Photo Recap: A Cruise to the Bahamas

I spent the last week on a cruise to the Bahamas. It was my mother's idea. My sister and I had never been out of the country before, and with my sister heading off to college in the fall, my parents figured it would be our last chance at a family vacation. My mother got a deal and we went on a cruise with Carnival to the Bahamas.

We went on the Carnival Pride, which is one of the few cruise ships that leaves from Baltimore, Maryland, which is not terribly far from our home in Northern Virginia. It's a smaller ship, since Baltimore can't handle very large ships. It accommodates about 2500 passengers and 900 staff members.

The ship was about 9 full decks tall. There were elevators within it (thank goodness). The ship had this weird art nouveau / renaissance theme which I thought was a little gaudy, but I'm sure someone liked it.

There were shows and karaoke nights and games. There was also a casino, and trivia games. I think these things are more fun if you're older or if you go with a bunch of friends. I hung out with my sister who was sick most of the trip.

Our first port was in Cape Canaveral, Florida. I went on a trip alone to Orlando from there to go to Downtown Disney. I'm a big Disney fan, but no one else in my family really gets it. I am and always will be the black sheep, in more ways than one. It was my first time at Downtown Disney, but I had a great time.

I did so much shopping! I had a ton of fun shopping, even though I got absolutely poured on.

I am Agent P
I got to one end of the strip, and decided to eat lunch while the rain came down, so I could wait it out, and stop feeling so dizzy. I wanted pasta so I headed to the Italian restaurant in the middle of Downtown Disney, Portobello.

I got the Penne Bolognese. It was fantastic. Of course, by the time I got there, I had nearly drowned in the half-hour downpour. Only when I got into the restaurant did it stop. Of course. I had a really sweet waiter. I gave him a fat tip, because goodness, he was just so concerned for me and how absolutely soaked I was.

The second port we went to was Nassau, in the Bahamas. I loved the colors of the buildings there. So bright and happy.

While there we visited the Atlantis resort! We went tubing, to the beach and even did the ridiculous water tricycling thing. I have photos of that on a different camera.

The resort also has an aquarium! Well, actually several aquariums. My favorite thing there was the giant Manta Ray. My second favorite thing was the jellyfish.

At our last port, Freeport, my sister and I went Snorkeling and it was amazing! The water was so clear and the fish were amazing. Normally I probably would have freaked out, but luckily the service we went with had pool noodles available for us to use. I'm actually a horrendous swimmer and having anxiety issues, it means I have to be really careful about what kinds of situations I put myself in. I was really glad because it made it possible for me to actually chill out and enjoy instead of having a panic attack. Sadly my camera isn't waterproof, so I couldn't take photos, but it was really fantastic! And Freeport was a lovely island.

I had fun on this trip! There was so much delicious food to be had and I had a good time beating my parents in trivia. I hope you all had fantastic Christmases.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your trip! I'll be taking the exact trip in February, can't wait!