College Application Organization Printables

Organizing all the info for your college applications is difficult. You have to keep track of deadlines, fees, and essays. I made a handy-dandy pair of printables to help my sister with all that stuff: one to keep track of her college application info, and one to help her keep track of her deadlines. Now I'm making them available for you for free! Save them for yourself, your kids, your siblings or cousins, or your friends.

Feel free to share them, but please do not alter them unless it is solely for your personal use. Do not try to sell these. They're not yours to sell, and I'm offering them up for free anyway.

If you have a blog and would like to share these with your readers, please use a link to this post in order to direct your readers to this page for download. Please also comment with a link to your blog post.

Printable Features:
  • Zip file containing two documents totaling three pages long in PDF format
  • College Application Deadline Organizer
  • College Application Information Organizer
College Application Deadline Organizer:
  • Helps you set personal due dates for your first essay draft, final essay copy, transcript request, recommendation requests, and the all-important thank you notes
  • Separate sections for early admissions and regular admissions, since the due dates differ greatly
  • Has spots to write due dates and check off that you have completed each task
College Application Information Organizer:
  • 2 pages of printable for 6 colleges worth of info-- of course, print more as necessary :)
  • Write in deadlines, both early and regular
  • Common App or Non Common App?
  • Login and Password for online applications
  • Essay section that includes # of essays needed, goal date for first draft, and a place to write your prompt(s) so you have it on hand
  • Keep track of the fee amount, and when you sent payment or a waiver
  • Keep track of the transcript send date and the application send date when you're done!

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College Packing Tips

Packing up your stuff for college is a long, confusing, tiring process. You really can't do it all at once, but if you spread it all out for too long, you forget what you have and haven't packed. Luckily, I've prepared some tips to help you along the way!

Write a list of things you need to pack. This helps you keep track of what you will need to track down in your house and what you need to buy. I recommend putting things into categories so that it's easier to work through. You can see the list I made of things you should bring to college. It is the most comprehensive list I could come up with, excluding clothes. I like to make a separate list for clothing/shoes/accessories. Also, have two copies if you make a hard copy-- one for shopping, and one for packing.

Figure out what you already have. Save yourself some money and look and see what you already have. You may find that there's more stuff crossed off your list than you thought. Cross things off your list and set them aside. Make sure you remember where things are-- after all, what good is finding it if you forget where it is?

Check out your school's housing agreement. These will contain information on what is and isn't allowed. Some things aren't allowed in dorms at certain schools. At William and Mary, extension cords aren't allowed, but power strips are. There are also restrictions on the size and dimensions of mini-fridges. This kind of information is important to know before purchasing or even bringing down disallowed items.

Communicate with your roommate. There are some things that it might be easier to share amongst your roommates. If you need a vacuum, printer, fridge, microwave, or iron, it may not make sense to have two of these things in your room. When you find out who your roommate is, reach out to them and ask them about their preferences and what they can bring. I also like to coordinate with my roommate furniture items and colors. If you're rooming with someone you've never met before, it's a good idea to break the ice and get a feel for what their boundaries are and how they hope to live in your shared room, and it's not a bad idea to let them know how you feel about things either.

Printables for packing by Dre Lynn

When you begin packing, stay organized. Group similar items together. Keep track of what you have and haven't packed and where you packed them. I like using an excel sheet on my computer, combined with more visual elements in the real world. Check out these adorable free packing printables from Dre Lynn. The free downloadable PDF includes an index page, and 8 quarter page box context labels.

Save space! Pack things as compactly as you can! Put socks in shoes, odd shaped items in your waste bin, and maximize your car space. You may want to consider a roof rack. Don't pack for the entire semester either. Remember, you'll be back home for Thanksgiving and the holidays, so hold off on non-essentials and cold weather clothes.

I hope you all found that helpful. You can also check out my article on HerCampus W&M about a smart shopping technique that can help you save money when crossing things off your college shopping list.

Do you have any tips for packing or shopping? Comment below!
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