Newsies this weekend!

Remember how over the summer I went to New York and while there I saw Newsies billboards everywhere and I swore I was going to go back and watch Newsies? Well guess what? This weekend I'm heading to New York to watch Newsies with my best friend.

See, I lead a Newsies appreciation lifestyle. I first watched it on the bus ride home from Chicago after yet another trip with my school's choir department. Jasmin and I watched it and loved it. I became a huge fan of the 1994 Christian Bale musical. It didn't do well in theaters but has become a cult classic since. It's a wonderful musical that I think resonates really well with any people who have been denied their fair shot. It's about the little guy--the kids, even-- rising up against the man and fighting for their right to be recognized and treated they way they deserve-- as people. The music is fantastic and so is the choreography (apart from one scene I don't particularly care for).

I ordered the DVD shortly after getting off the bus and I watched it as often as I could. I'd watch it while cleaning my room or doing laundry. I used to just keep the DVD in my laptop in case I ever had the time to watch it while doing any other mindless task. I listened to the soundtrack. When the musical was announced, I was losing my mind and signed up for the mailing list so I could pre-order the soundtrack. Which I did. I later used the same email newsletter to get great tickets. I could not be more excited about this trip! The Broadway adaptation has won many awards and I couldn't be more excited to see it live. Sometimes I listen to the lyrics and just get all choked up... Yes, I am that crazy person you see jamming out in their car while sobbing out a sing-along to the lyrics. I am that kind of fan. Music just really gets to me you know?

I bought this Newsies! shirt during my last trip to NYC!
Jasmin and I are extremely pumped-- we've been planning this trip for months. It will be really cold, but I'm positive it'll be worth freezing temperatures to see it! We spent all day yesterday trying to find great deals on clothes to keep us warm. I got some nice gloves, some fleece-lined leggings (much more wearable than long underwear!), and some warm sweaters for layering.

While there we also hope to see sites, go shopping, and eat delicious food. I'll let you all know how it goes! If you want to see it all up to date, be sure to follow my instagram @harperdearest

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