Resolutions for 2013

This year is going to be the year I stick to my resolutions.

I know I say that every year, but I'm telling you, this is the one. This is the year I'm turning 20. I think I need to start becoming an adult. At the very least in the ways that I really should. I've never been a big fan of the kind of growing up that means becoming boring and blase about life's wonder. I hope to never grow out of doodling and cartoons (the good ones anyway). I hope I never grow out of enjoy stickers.

You've got to keep the joy that comes from the little things for when the big things get you down. There are a lot more big things as I get older. 

But I also want to get that sense of accomplishment that comes with holding myself accountable for the things that I am way too young to start making excuses for. 

I want to excel in school. I think high school me would in many senses be appalled by my study habits. Instead of studying a week ahead of time I'd study non-stop a day or two before. I need to really buckle down and do well!

The Plan: The first step is to go to class and take really good notes. I always start each semester taking good notes, but it always deteriorates. Color coding, after class review, office hours, and yes I will actually do the readings. I'm thinking of finding ways to read at the gym while on the elliptical. I think that will help eliminate the excuse of not having time to work out and build in time for me to do reading-- somewhere far from my bed. Yes, I am that person who works from their bed. This is why paper-writing goes over a lot better than 60-page readings.Taking better notes will also cut down on the number of all-nighters I have to pull.  

I want to get healthy. I am healthy on basically no fronts. I eat horribly. I don't sleep well. I don't work out. I'm overweight. I want to change this. I cannot call myself body-positive if all I do is destroy my body. I don't want to tell anyone to conform to society's idea of what you have to look like to validate your worth, because that's bullshit. It's not about the way I look. It's about the fact that I want to love my body, and the things I do to it are not acts of love. They are acts of weakness. I turn stress into calories and make it harder for me to be at the top of my game. Over the past year, I allowed myself to get away with a lot. I told myself that I had earned this meal or that for what I had accomplished-- and I accomplished a lot! Which turned into my eating a lot. I also fell victim to eating too casually. This is not the work of someone who takes care of themselves, it's the work of someone who loves fast food more than her stomach does. 

The Plan: I'm going to walk 30 minutes a day, which is not too hard, but will get me out and about, which is half the battle when you live with your two best friends. Our dorm room is a nest of snacks, DVDs, and a lot of Say Yes To The Dress marathons. And we study too. All three of us have also agreed to aim to get to the gym three times a week. This way even if we fall short, we'll at least get two trip to the gym. I also want to consciously eat better. This means I'll have to cook more (because honest to goodness, Dining hall food is extremely hit or miss near where I live, and usually it's a miss). I'm also going to try to eat more nutritious food and keep more healthy snacks on hand. I also want to drink more water. 

I want to get ahead in my career. As always, I want to stay on top of my game and set myself up well for the future. I'm hoping to get a job, a summer internship, and keep up with all the balls I have in the air. I have some good forward momentum and I want to keep that up!

The Plan: Apply for a job. Probably at the local movie theater or maybe a store at the outlet depending on the hours. Apply for any and all internships that are up my alley. Put together a boss cover-letter, get into Business School, and save some money so I can afford  place to live (or at least contribute to my living expenses). I'm also hoping to do more writing. Write for this blog, HerCampus, and also for other blogs and websites if I can swing it.

I want to stress less. I have an anxiety disorder, specifically Panic Disorder. I need to get in control of that and make better choices in order to lead a less anxious, more healthy lifestyle. A big part of minimizing Panic Attacks (which honestly, I don't have very often) is to learn my triggers and learn what relaxes me, both mentally and physically.

The Plan: First of all, I'm going to sing more. Singing really puts my body at ease. Expressing things I feel really cuts down on my anxiety (which is why I express more outward emotion than others). Keeping things in is a trigger for my anxiety and singing is a really positive way for me to let those things go. I also plan on eating better and exercising so that my body doesn't freak out as much. I also want to sleep better and manage my time better, since not getting stuff done also makes me freak out a bit. I can't keep doing things from deadline to deadline. If I just handle myself well, it'll cut down on a lot of anxiety. I also need to figure out what to do about my apparent addiction to television.

What are your resolutions for the New Year?

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