This Commercial Made My Day

We've all seen plenty of commercials that quite honestly are awful in the way they represent women. Axe is a huge offender in my book (yes, buy our product and instantly every women in a 5 mile radius will arrive at your door to sex you up), and there are many other offenders that portray women as sex-objects or trophies to be won by using a product. Women can be sexy and appealing, and women can help you sell things, but it strikes me as offensive when someone tries to sell women's bodies to an audience and claim they're selling a product. It's not about me as a woman not having a sense of humor, as the Old Spice commercials have proved: being manly is not about dominating women. You can be appealing to women, you can claim your product will make you more appealing to women, and you can do it without being an ass about it.

I find that a lot of commercials are fairly obviously pointed at hetero-male sexuality. Fine, not a big deal until people start objectifying women to meet their goals. But then every once in a while, you find a startling gem of a commercial that's directed at women and so startlingly funny and even sexy that it is so refreshing and brings a smile to your face.

That commercial is for a free app called Your Man Reminder, which is an app that reminds you to regularly monitor your breast health and perform self-examinations brought to you by Rethink Breast Cancer. Educational, funny, and sexy in a way that doesn't stoop to dehumanizing our friendly hot guy characters. They even get names! (Imagine that, Axe commercial guys!)

The cheesy music, the hilarious visual effects, the way that it's shot and written... A+ all around. It's so funny, so shareable, so brilliant that I had to share it with you all.

PS There's another video on the updated version of the app.


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