A Peek At My Hair Routine

I love my hair. It's probably on my list of top 10 things I love about the way I look. (Everyone should make one of those lists, I think, because we all have days where we feel awful, so it's nice to have reminders that you are awesome and cute.)

Some people ask me about how I keep my hair healthy since I don't think I've ever had a split end in my life. My hair is also something of a struggle since I have so much of it to the point where my pony tail is about the size of my fist. It makes it really difficult to do pretty hairstyles since they look bulky instead of elegant. As a result, the big thing is for me to keep it healthy! Not a lot of bloggers have quite my hair type (the unusual thing is the volume and thickness) or write about it so I figured I'd fill some of the need.

I try not to use a ton of products, because it's time consuming and expensive. My hair naturally is really thick and strong and has soft waves. My biggest problems are keeping it moisturized and preventing it from getting messy. So here's what I do to keep it nice!

affordable hair care for the busy college student - low maintenance and manageable!
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Fork of Opinion: On Digital Identity and its Consequences

One of the issues facing any writer is authorship. We discuss this frequently in my class on Oscar Wilde. What is intended for public consumption, what isn't, and what are the implications of those intentions?

In the age of social media and blogging, most of us face this issue. Who are we online? Who are we publicly online? Who gets to see our different sides? Which sides do they get to see? My generation is on the edge of an obscured precipice when it comes to this sort of thing, because we grew up reaching outward on the internet. And yes, I was definitely publicly expressing my embarrassing obsession with the Twilight series in middle school (don't judge me I was 13 and at least Twilight never hoped that Anne Frank would have been a fan).

Here's what the question boils down to: Do I want to hide parts of who I am from potential employers, or do I want to assume anyone who is not down with who I am would not be worth working for anyway? Now granted, some things really should stay private: one's sex life, for example. But other things, like your Star Wars obsession or your cycling hobby or your youtube cover videos-- where does all of that fall?

On the one hand, you may want your work life to stay separate from your private life. You like your job staying your job, and your hobbies staying your hobbies. Things get muddled in between. And honestly, you don't like everyone being in on all your business all the time. You don't feel a need to express things publicly via social media. You worry about not being hired because of your weakness for Disney collectibles or your activity on motorcycle-related forums and find that those things are easy to simply excise from your public profiles.

On the other hand, you might be a very public person. An open book. You may be of the opinion that if people are going to treat you differently for who you are, then maybe they should know ahead of time. You pride yourself in being "what you see is what you get" and you've never felt the need to hide your quirks. You're of the opinion that people bond with individuals on the whole, not just the valuable pieces they need. You want to be Susan, not just the woman in accounts.

It's really about who we want to be, what kind of identity we hope to create and with whom do we want to be seen as what. The difficult part, of course, is that the digital frontier is so new that there are no set rules. Etiquette has yet to truly emerge or solidify and our generation is faced with so many choices, which can lead to an overwhelming amount of indecision.

I take solace in the fact that in a couple of years, everyone will be in the same boat with many people entering the workforce still having remnants of their blogs from age 14 floating around the internet. Having a cybertrail of adolescence and quirky hobbies will be the norm. Maybe the fact that I was really really into anime growing up won't be as embarrassing as anyone else's cyberpast. Or maybe I'll have to schlub through the awkwardness and suffer through this awkward in between so that today's middle schoolers will have my sympathy when I'm in a position to hire.

I like the idea of myself as a more public person though. As a blogger and a writer I position myself in a place to be seen and heard. I like it, it's a part of who I am and how I see myself fitting into the world. I think it's interesting to think about, though, the way that identity itself seems to be changing what with our many profiles and email addresses and methods of communication, public and private.

I think the key to developing a strategy to all of this is knowing yourself and your values-- and also what you want to do with your future. If you want to go into secret or government-type work, I'd cool it on twitter if I were you.

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10 Essential College Truths.

Some people have a harder time with the transition to college than others. College is going to be a rough ride for those of you who have not come to terms with certain essential truths, so I'm here to lay some of them out for you. This is probably applicable for the rest of life for the most part as well, but I think it definitely begins to come into play during college. This is part one of a series.

1 . You do not know anything. I'm not joking about this. High school is when you learn everything and college is when you learn you do not know anything. Your textbooks are being revised every year. You get to the level of science classes where they have literally discovered and rewritten parts of your textbooks. The Pluto not being a planet anymore thing? Remember how earth-shaking that was? Happens all the time. College is less about knowing your whole textbook and more about realizing how much more there is to learn and how ever-changing the nature of knowledge is.

2 . Even so, your classes will often be outdated. Most classes are still based off of you having to actually remember and know things. The fact is, in the real world, you will have to understand concepts and have a strong and broad overview of many topics, but most things can be solved by google and critical thinking in the real-world. You will have calculators and the internet and probably a smartphone instead of having to have an encyclopediac knowledge of your field. This is not true of your tests. Good luck.

3 . Most of your grades will be based on 2 exams and a couple papers. You will be used to having a lot of homework and participation type-grades to fluff your grades. You will rarely have such luxuries in college. Fail one exam? Get ready to fight to the death for a C.

4 . People do not wash their hands as often as you want them to. Beware. Carry hand sanitizer and wash your hands. Dorms are cesspools. You almost definitely will get some form of sickness in your first couple months of school due to the new environment and the proximity to new people's germs.

5 . Some people are not worth your time. Learn who is and who isn't early on. Evaluate the people in your life every once in a while and decide whether or not they are worth the esteem you give them. Sometimes it changes. By the same token, not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is going to make you a priority.

6 . First impressions and instincts are important but not everything. Remember that first impressions are only first impressions, but your instincts will pick up on information you don't consciously process. If something doesn't feel right, especially if you are alone, do not put up with the situation. 

7 . Everyone changes in college. Yes, even you. This is very much a result of how and with whom you spend your time. Expose yourself to as much diversity as possible. Once again, it is very important who you spend your time with. They will shape your values and ideas and challenge the ones you have already established.

8 . You will make mistakes. Get over it. It is going to happen You're going to make a fool of yourself. Someone will over react to something you did. Things will get blown out of proportion. That doesn't make things your fault and you are not responsible for anyone's actions but your own. Own up to mistakes and let go.

9 . Mental health issues are common. They are extremely common. Anxiety in particular is on the rise. It's not a big deal to ask for help. It's not uncommon for you to find out about a friend having issues or for you to experience new issues at college age. The main thing is not to be free of mental health issues, it's to manage them when and if they arise. Take care of yourself and your friends. Don't make it a bigger deal than it is but take it seriously. 

10 . You will not wake up as early for classes in college as you managed to do for high school. It's just a fact. Anything before 11am will be a struggle, especially if you want breakfast. 6:30 was afine time to start the day in high school. It is not in college but for a very select few.
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My Whirlwind New York Business Trip

The last few days I have been on a business trip in New York City with MTV Insights. It was a Wednesday - Saturday experience with business ending on Thursday and it was probably the best trip of my life. I'm going to explain pretty much everything that happened to me during this trip and I assure you that I was so incredibly fortunate I can hardly believe it all actually happened. So let me tell you the tale.

I went to New York on business as I said. What exactly could a 19 year old possibly be doing in New York that qualifies as business? Well, through Her Campus I got the opportunity to apply for a paid research program with MTV where participants would discuss trends in youth culture, from fashion and music to our changing attitudes on the workforce, politics, relationships, and the media. Several of us sent in proposals for topics to discuss a a research summit and I was chosen as one of 11 participants to put together a presentation and discuss a couple topics with a partner in New York City in from of MTV Producers in both NY and LA-- LA video-conferenced in. MTV paid travel and lodging and I got to spend a few days in the city!
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