9 Bad Decisions I Make During All-Nighters

All nighters are sometimes necessary-- but they are definitely one of those awful decisions that leads to more awful decisions. Here is a list of bad decisions I have made in pursuit of the all-nighter (or ultra late night).

Make poor dietary choices. Pizza rolls, Hot Pockets, Toaster Strudels and overloading on soda and OJ. This is what I do. I sometimes get to the point where I shove food in my mouth so that I am forced to stay awake and chew rather than fall asleep and choke on the un-swallowed lump.

Get a song stuck in my head and become unable to focus until I sing it. Luckily my dorm has a music practice room.

Try to convince my friends that I can totally handle a one hour nap. Spoiler Alert: I can't.

Go on a night time adventure. I don't usually do it when I actually need to pull an all-nighter. It's usually on a Saturday night after chilling with friends and we decide to go on an adventure! We hangout under the stars on the grass or on rooftops and just talk or tell scary stories while snacking on nutella and pretzel rods.

Obsessively check social media. My West Coast internet friends have no idea what they put me through with the 3 hour time difference. During serious exam periods, I try to cut down as much as I can. I use an app for Mac now called SelfControl (it's free!) which blocks me from blacklisted websites like facebook until the time is up-- no way around it, even if you restart your computer of delete the app! I also delete facebook and twitter off my phone.

Watch movies as a study break. I never really do this during the day. When I watch a movie during the day I am watching a movie-- no strings attached, because I know it's a significant time commitment so I don't try to make excuses about it, I just commit the time. When I do it while studying though, I somehow convince myself that it is not a significant portion of my study time and that after having worked so hard, I should unwind with a nice movie.

Caffeine binge. This is not a good idea for anyone, but it's a bit worse for me since I struggle with an anxiety disorder. For the most part I can manage things and have the occasional coffee, but more than one at once is trouble. 

Cook an elaborate meal. Okay, maybe elaborate is not the most accurate descriptor for that which I can make in my dorm kitchen given the limited supplies and ingredients of my dorm-living self, but I can tell you, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the instant ramen and suspicious cafeteria food I am used to consuming on the daily. I get crazy cravings for food and these tend to intensify as it gets later into the night. Recently I've been cooking a fairly simple chicken stir-fry with veggies and rice.

Take long showers. I think the longer I stay in a shower, the sleepier it makes me. Long showers are so lovely, but they are definitely the enemy of the all-nighter!

These are my weaknesses. Somehow I am always tempted by these impulses! What are your all-nighter kryptonites?



  1. For me, its drinking a lot of energy supplements, taking longer naps than I should, reading blogs, and watching YouTube... XD Luckily for me, I have a good habit of snacking on healthy snacks only if I am hungry otherwise I don't eat at all when studying.

    1. That's good! I try to stock up on healthier snacks around these times, but sometimes I just need something cheesy and fatty... :(