How to Trade-In Your Textbooks etc. with Amazon

Somehow, I was under the impression that everyone knew that this was a thing, but apparently a lot of people don't. So, here's a way for you all to make some money off of your stuff, probably textbooks, and get back more than you would at the campus bookstore.

Amazon buys books from people in exchange for amazon credit. It's super convenient and easy, especially since you're definitely going to be using amazon again.

1 - You can search the trade-in store to see if your book/DVD/game/electronic/music is eligible, and then add it to a sort of reverse shopping cart. They give you an estimate on the amount they'll give you for each title, which may not be the same as the amount you get, depending on the condition of the book.

2 - Verify the ISBNs by typing in the ISBNs on the back covers or inside covers of your books. After you're done adding all the books available for trade-in, you can hit continue.

3 - When you're done adding titles and ready to "check out" you'll be given a prepaid mailing label and an invoice/estimate sheet. They'll ask you to select whether you'd rather have the item shipped back to you, or have them just credit you the lower amount for the item.

4 - You can use any size box so long as it fits everything, and they recommend that you try to fill any negative space to prevent shifting and damage during the shipping process.

5 - Put the estimate sheet on top, close the box, seal it, and tape the prepaid label on top. Send it off to amazon within 7 days and await either the credit to be added directly to your amazon account, or for an amazon gift card to be attributed to your account.

It's super easy, so I'd definitely recommend it if you're still trying to get rid of your books, or are just hoping to pull in some extra money. If you have any other questions, Amazon's got a whole section of help guides dedicated to Trade-Ins.

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