My Vintage Dooney & Bourke Shoulder Bag

Some girls are all about shoes. Some girls are about earrings. Others splurge on designer jeans. My weakness? Purses. I love purses. My favorite designer at the moment is Kate Spade, but I am a fan of vintage styles. While in New York in March, I happened upon a warehouse sale on vintage clothing and accessories in a tiny shop in Bowery. Everything was dusty, and most of it was not my style at all-- but I happened upon this Dooney and Bourke beauty tagged at $265, knocked down to just $50. It's definitely a bit worn and was pretty dusty when I bought it, but I've cleaned it up and it's got great character. Not to mention the proportions are great for me in terms of both capacity and in relation to my body.

It's a great size for me. I like carrying lots of stuff like notebooks, menus, pen sets, and my planner along with the usual suspects like my wallet, phone, lipstick, etc. so clutches and most little shoulder bags don't cut it for me. This one is really capacious with several different pockets. It's great for all kinds of weather and occasions.

I took it with me when I saw Newsies on it's first anniversary! It was my second time seeing the show, and it was fantastic!

Me with Adam Kaplan on the left and with LaVon Fisher-Wilson on the right panel.
I love this bag! Definitely one of my fave finds!


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