Packing for My Summer Internship (with a deal from Residence Hall Linens!)

I'm moving again in a couple of weeks, not back home, not to school, but to the glamorous and grimy New York City.

Since packing up everything at school, and unpacking it all again, I've realized that I need to pare down what I take with me to just the essentials. Why pack an alarm clock when I've since switched to my iPhone? How many jeans do I actually need? Will I ever get to all those books? Why do I have 30 notebooks?

In general, I think I've struggled with prioritizing. What are things that I actually need, versus what don't I need, versus what might I need potentially on occasion? The apartment I've found is a shared space and is fully furnished and even has a kitchen!

So here are things that I think I absolutely need to pack.

1 - Computer, phone, and associated chargers. Obviously. I have to stay in touch, know where I'm going, and be able to do so all summer.

2 - Wallet & Purses. I have a big businessy purse (by Kate Spade, of course) that I can take to the office and can hold tons of stuff I'll need at my internship, like a notebook, planner, and a laptop-- as well as a water bottle, snacks, and whatever else I need for the day. I also have a shoulder bag that's more appropriate for everyday outings, since it isn't as bulky and goes with just about everything. Then I have a little wristlet in case I decide to go out one night.

3 - Bedding. Most of my time spent in the apartment will be time spent sleeping. It's really important for me to get decent sleep in order to be able to function at my internship-- especially if I want to be able to do so without relying on those pricey coffee drinks I so adore.
4 - Towels. Gotta shower, gotta get dry.

5 - Rolling 3 Drawer organizer. It serves as a nightstand while keeping my stuff put away. It's great for keeping my makeup and stuff off the bathroom counter and in my space instead. I also like to put my journals in the top drawer so I can write before bed.

6 - Toiletries and Medical equipment. Basically one category. Your soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, razors, brush, prescriptions, bandaids, neosporin, perfumes, the usual.

7 - Business & Everyday clothes. I need to get more clothes. I blame my constantly fluctuating weight. I'll be shopping this week to get some button down shirts, a couple more skirts, and some shorts. Also a pair or two of shoes. I'm using Lauren Berger's Packing List for a NYC Internship as my guide on what to buy for businesswear.

8 - A few books. I'm putting together a summer reading list for myself so I should have a productive summer. Lauren Berger wrote All Work, No Pay, the book above. She is, afterall, the Intern Queen!

9 - Planner and notebooks. My planner, journal, sketchbook, and a notebook for work.

10 - Laundry stuff. Detergent and dryer sheets to keep my clothes clean!

11 - Accessories. Watch, necklaces, hair ties etc. Gotta dress up my outfits. Switching accessories can make my wardrobe's outfit options expand.

12 - Coat, Rainboots, and umbrella. It rains everywhere sometime.

+ Coupon!

While I'm preparing to move out in a couple weeks and my sister prepares to leave for college in the fall, I'm pretty happy to announce that Residence Hall Linens is offering my readers $25 off on their Value Packs, which include bedding, towels, and more! You can choose your value pack to determine what you get and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Shipping is already free! Just use code "MAYSAVE25RHL" to get the discount!


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  1. Why pack an alarm clock when I've since switched to my iPhone? How many jeans do I actually need? Will I ever get to all those books? Why do I have 30 notebooks? house removals