West Village/Greenwich Village Haul

Yesterday I went shopping in the West Village/Greenwich Village Area for hours. It was a really great time! I love it when I get the chance to explore the city. I was looking for work clothes and some great books. I was also hoping to find a more lightweight bag (heaving a heavy leather bag through the city streets day in and day out gets kind of old) and some shorts.

The shorts plan didn't work out (does it ever?) and I didn't find any that fit me. Not only do I suffer from big butt problems, but my waist is proportionally smaller than it should be, so finding shorts is a struggle. What I need is a good high-waisted pair, but as of yet, no luck.

On the other hand though, I really need to focus on losing weight again, so maybe I should just wear skirts and jeans before sinking money into shorts for my current body when I'm looking to make some improvements. I want to lose just one dress size-- walking around the city until my feet were screaming probably helped!

This giant breakfast from Silver Spurs on Broadway probably didn't though...
El Galvestones - rice, black bean, and a chorizo egg scramble, tortilla on the side.
 I got off at the 14th Street subway station and ended up wandering around. It's pretty typical for me to pick an area and then just wander and look around. Sometimes I'll pick a couple stores ahead of time to base my meanderings off of. For yesterday, I picked Strand Books, this amazingly wonderful bookstore everyone was asking me about-- "Oh my goodness, have you been to Strand yet??"-- and Beacon's Closet, this cool secondhand store that a friend recommended me.

It was a really nice day-- clear skies and a nice breeze.

New York is a gorgeous city. People always talk about keeping your head down and not stopping in New York-- for your safety, for your survival. But for me, it's never really been a question of survival, and I know I'm lucky in that way. Wherever I go people have always been very nice to me, and I have enough resources to avoid being in places where I'd be in real danger. So for me, being in this city is more about living-- looking around, enjoying the architecture and art and graffiti and food.

I was struck by this garage and the matching front door. It looks so happy and contented beside the graffiti. I think that's what life in New York is, you know? The diversity of experience here can either frighten you, or you can stand beside it. There's no squelching of street art in New York, just like there's no squelching of the fact that you're going to meet tons and tons of different kinds of people. You can either fade and close your doors and keep your head down, or you can embrace it. Seeing this garage just made me very happy.

Strand Haul
I got the best stuff from Strand! Strand is a huge bookstore with over 18 miles of books new, used, and rare. It was so exciting for me to be there. The book displays had handwritten reviews of books the employees loved-- there were stacks and stacks of books on 4 different floors. Everything just felt like books were loved there-- it's a feeling I haven't felt since Borders went under. Borders was one of my childhood hangouts and I loved the way people were so unabashedly excited about books. I used to go to midnight release parties and book signings there and everyone was so willing to chat about books. Strand was just... amazing. A lot of the books are discounted too because after people buy books they sell them back again and they're sold by Strand as used books. I got great deals on several books including a couple from my Summer Reading List. In the end I bought 20 Something, 20 Everything by Christine Hassler, Gunn's Golden Rules by Tim Gunn, The Best Advice I Ever Got by Katie Couric, and Girl, Get Your Money Straight by Glinda Bridgforth. I also got this great Kate Spade + Strand book tote (ya'll know I'm all about Kate Spade).

Here are some more finds from yesterday!

I was in the market for a more lightweight bag, and I've been fawning over LeSportsacs, partially because I saw so many great bags at Her Campus' College Fashion Week in Raleigh last fall, and partially because the Disney LeSportsacs are so cute I can't help oohing and ahhing over them whenever I go to the Disney Store. They're pretty pricey so mostly I'd window shop with glowing eyes and finish with a heavy sigh.

Imagine my surprise when, while at Beacon's Closet, I saw this adorable Tokidoki bag, legit, for only $18. It's selling for $150-$300 on eBay. It's really cute, totally lightweight, and is an over-the-shoulder bag, which I love-- I'm always afraid I'll totally forget a bag if it's a clutch or handbag. It was a total steal!

I also got this sweet necklace-- it looks more blue in this photo than it actually is-- it's more like a light grey. I am a big fan of statement necklaces and I also love triangles (second only to hexagons) and I knew I needed to have it.

The grey color is actually inlaid leather! I love the contrast of both the color and the texture!

I also picked up this cute lemonade yellow necklace after I wandered into a street fair. It was originally $25, but the guy knocked $5 off for me. 

I also wandered into a really cool vintage shop called Monk Vintage and bought these two dresses. The top rose pink one is jersey and can be dressed up or down pretty easily. The bottom dress is easily the most flattering and well-fitting dress I've worn in ages. I love them both and they made great finds!

My feet were so sore by the end of the day-- I was out on my feet for hours. But I had a lot of fun and I can't wait to get started on these books!

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  1. you had a successful shopping trip and that food looks great!!