Chronicle Your Adventures on a Memory Wall!

Whether you're abroad, at college, or just enjoying wherever it is you live, it's kind of fun to reminisce. This summer I'm in New York City working at an asset management firm and having a blast running around the city! I've been to so many great places and seen all kinds of great things! I wanted to have a way to display those memories so I decided to make a wall collage. I add to it as I visit more places, and it's been fun watching it grow!

All you need is scotch tape and some scraps of places you've been and things you did. I've taped up maps, programs, business cards, brochures, fliers, ticket stubs, plastic bags (see the big marigold Strand bag), and even a fabric sample from Mood Designer Fabrics. Commemorate your time abroad, or one year, or one season. Take everything down and save it and start all over when you move or when a new year begins!

This wall was super blank and I came to the city without any posters to make the space less bare and un-warm. This has been a really great solution, and afterward, I'll take all these home in a box marked New York City Memories 2013 :)

It's also kind of fun to take pictures as time goes on and see how it grows.

How do you store your memories? Do you have a cool wall collage? I wanna know! Hit me up in the comments, and don't forget to follow me on instagram @harperyi!


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