HerConference - Learn from and Network With Amazing Women

You guys probably know about how I organized the first ever Her Campus Intercollegiette Conference on a regional level, and then that got blown up into an amazing national event and has grown since the first little one-panel + party in Virginia. (I also continue to work on the regional version: check out photos from this spring's event)

This summer, Her Campus has put together the second annual National version of the event in New York City. The sponsors are amazing-- Girl Rising, Chipotle, BCBG, and more are helping support the event (check out those amazing names on the image! The event will be full of speakers and panelists from magazines, marketing and ad agencies, and more. People from Ogilvy, Redbook, Random House, Huffington Post, Glamour, Country Living, Brides magazine, and The Knot will all be in attendance. I am so excited to be attending this event, and I'm bringing my lovely roommie Ariel along too! I had a great time at the event last year (and I won a new Intel Zenbook Laptop)! You can read more about the panels, guests, and programs on the Her Campus conference announcement.

If you are in marketing, writing, publishing, retail, fashion, beauty, or design, and in the New York area, I encourage you to come out to the event. Lots of fun to be had, amazing speakers to learn from, and connections to be made. There will be swag bags, giveaways, a manicure bar, and more. Buy tickets for the Sunday, July 28th event here. Come say hi if you see me!

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