Inspiration - Take Risks

There are a lot of reasons why we settle. It's easier. It's safer. It means we avoid criticism and failure. But living without taking a leap is living a shadow of a life-- absent of the sunshine of pursuing our dreams. 

Now, there are great reasons to stop chasing something. Sometimes we re-prioritize and make sacrifices. Sometimes we discover something better. Sometimes we realize that our goals weren't just "reaches" but lightyears ahead of or behind the position we are in or are willing to put ourselves in. Sometimes we realize that it's just not right for us or good for us. 

Things change. But that doesn't mean we should downgrade. At 20, I know this is the time to take risks and make leaps. When I get older, there's going to be more to lose-- jobs and careers I'll have to hold down, kids to care for, probably a house. These are all great, amazing things to have, but they, like most wonderful things in life, come with obligations. When we are young, we are unattached. Now is the time to be bold! 

It's important to constantly self-evaluate to figure out what you want and what you need. Take risks whether it's to reach for something you've dreamed of, or to take a chance you never thought would be in front of you-- and probably won't come back again.


  1. Following your dreams does not necessitate taking risks. If you want to fly, test it from the ground, don't jump out a tree!