Things I Learned in New York: It Might Be Dog Pee...

One thing I have learned in New York is that a lot of people have dogs.

And a lot of dogs means a lot of dog pee.

I used to walk around and see weird puddles that didn't make sense to me and I'd try to figure out how they got there. Some I explained because of the rain or because of dripping scaffolding, but others, I couldn't easily wrap my head around.

And then I realized on my morning commute while people were giving their dogs their morning walks that it's dog pee.

I'm glad I haven't been wearing sandals around the city.

I made you guys this handy infographic, so that you, too, can know if it's dog pee. (I was feeling silly today)

Wow, aren't you glad I sorted that all out for you? I can't wait until it goes viral on pinterest (ha)!



  1. LOVE this! Dog/human waste is the unfortunate side affect of living anywhere urban. I had to side step disgusting dog waste to get into my car every damn day. Love the cute dog peeing illustration in your graph!

  2. This sounds scary for someone who has never been to NYC, lol.