Moving Out

That corner of my house where I put all my stuff before I move.
I'm moving back in tomorrow. I'm packing up the last bits of things I'm planning on taking to college today. I've gotta finish bringing back up the last of the bits I'd stored in the basement after I came home in may, finish packing the stuff upstairs, tape down all the boxes and bins, and pack the car so I can leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Among my more challenging tasks: finding my student ID (which I know I put somewhere in my room I thought was safe so I wouldn't lose it in New York) (yes, I see the irony), and deciding what purses to bring to school-- which to me is like having to decide which children to bring on vacation-- it's impossible to choose because you want/need to bring all of them! Some people are shoe people, some people are bracelet people-- I am a purse girl.
I need to make one of these things for myself... [ x ]
Anyway, I thought I'd do a little organizational link round up since whether you're still packing, currently situating your dorm, or none of the above, it never hurts to get organized

Lauren Messiah's 11 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet
This pro stylist breaks down how to get rid of the old and outdated so your closet is less cluttered. Wardrobes, like shrubs, need pruning!

My Tips for Packing for College
I did a little post on some ideas for packing for college a while back.

Makely Home's 8 Pretty Ways to Contain Bathroom Clutter
Of course, many of these can help with other spaces, and for those in dorm rooms, you'll probably keep many of your bathroom essentials in your room anyway since you might have a hall or suite bathroom to share.

Greatist's How To Be The Most Organized Person In The World [INFOGRAPHIC]
A colorful, visually appealing guide to organization.

7 Tenants of Dorm Decor
Follow these seven rules, and you'll have a sweet looking dorm room, no matter what your budget.

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