A Peek at my Dorm Room in Williamsburg

I have returned! Well, actually I returned last Saturday. Classes started this past Wednesday so I got situated back in Williamsburg the Saturday morning and have been working on getting the dorm and my life situated since then. I thought I'd give you a look at what my dorm looks like right now. Our, dorm, I should say. I'm living with my best friend Jasmin!
Welcome to the home of Team Honeytooth. And yes, that is the name my roommate and I have decided upon. Honey, of course, is my piece, and tooth is hers. She's not interested in dentistry, contrary to what you might think. I'd explain the tooth thing, but it's a long story, so it's more of an inside joke than anything.

You'll notice that there used to be two martini glasses and now there's only one and a vase-- Jasmin broke one of the glasses. Oh well! I love the vase more anyway.
The wall above our TV is sort of our focal point. The wall contains both of our beds and of course the TV. We wanted to create a cozy area to gather around when we watched movies together, so having some wall art to focus attention around the TV was important. We're both big fans of hexagons, so this just made sense. We cut the hexagons ourselves-- it took a lot more math and geometry than a psych major and a bio major should ever encounter in their everyday lives. It literally took us an hour to figure out how to make a hexagon without just printing one from the internet. We only had a ruler and our math... It was hilarious. We struggled so hard just to to things we had mastered in ninth grade. 

We sandwiched the honeycomb with movie posters. On my side (the far side) we have a poster of Peter Pan (Jazz and I both have this poster, but I think we used mine), and on Jasmin's side, Moulin Rouge. We thought it was a good idea to use two posters with similar color-moods. The darkness + bold color in both, combined with the motif of a blue light creating a dynamic silhouette create a unified look.

Another way we accented this wall was by framing it with fairy lights. Jasmin in particular has a thing for fairy lights and was determined to incorporate them into our room.

We also, of course, had to incorporate the pokemon amigurumi that our friends got Jasmin for her last birthday. They're sittin' pretty atop our TV beside the Wii.

This is my bed/my side of the room. I get to be by the window!

I got this new quilt (because I love quilts and I didn't have a quilt, and I found it unacceptable) at TJ Maxx for a steal. It goes with the room too, since the main colors are teal (our linoleum tiles are teal) and yellow/gold.

 Here's a close-up of my bedside area. I put some paint chips up with some inspiring quotes because I love paint chips. Below those I am hanging my necklaces. Next you'll see a stack of books I'm hoping to read. Hoping, being that four of the five courses I am taking require a heavy amount of reading.

Well that's it for the tour for today. I'll show you all more some other time!


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