#FabFound : Marshall's Haul 09.13.13 ++ Bonus: Thrift Finds!

For some, Friday 13th is unlucky. For a master hunter like myself, it's like everyone else's good luck that got sucked away comes to me and courses through my veins with god-like power. I'm exaggerating of course, but basically, Friday the 13th is usually a lucky day for me, especially when shopping. I guess the threat of bad luck keeps some people in (pickers are a little superstitious because when finding awesome stuff is based on luck, you've gotta be a little superstitious!) and fewer hands picking through the merch means more goodies for me!

So for this haul, I'm putting up the goodies I got from both Marshall's and Goodwill on Friday the 13th. Let's start with Marshalls!


Isaac Mizrahi adhesive contact paper. $3, originally $20

I got this on clearance! For those who don't know what contact paper is, it's commonly used as a shelf/drawer liner. I got the adhesive kind which means it's basically a GIANT sticker. Why did I get it? Well, I had a very specific use in mind. The fridge Jazz and I have was an old hand-me-down from someone at her father's work. It's from the 60s. It still works fine, but it's a little dingy and shows its age. We cleaned it out during the days when we were settling in-- we took it into the shower and washed it all out! Unfortunately despite all our scrubbing, we couldn't scrub away some tape residue stuck on top of our fridge. The tape itself was gone, but there were still some strips of stickiness left. It was ruining it-- it was an otherwise perfect counter surface! So we contact papered right on over it! It took a couple tries to do it without any air bubbles but we got it.

The trick is to cut it well, start at one edge, and work from the middle outwards, until you reach the other edge. The contact paper is also glossy and wipeable, which is nice for the occasional spill.

 Mason Jar Mugs with lids, set of 4. $8, originally $14

First off, it's no secret how stylish mason jars are. Combine that with our mismatched demand for mugs (daily coffee) and supply of mugs (one for each of us) we needed these mugs! Plus they're lidded for travel which is great for when I don't manage to finish a coffee before class. Jasmin's favorite benefit of these mugs? They can be used for hot or cold! Which can't be said of our plastic cups that we've received as promotional items. Our mugs can be used for cold, but it's a little weird, like eating ice cream with a fork.

The lettering suggests that it's for cold drinks, like frozen honey coffee cubes in milk, but it'll hold up to hot cocoa and coffee, too!

Cynthia Rowley "Buenas Noches" pillow cases, set of 2. $8, originally $16

"Good Night." The Spanish language holds a special place in my heart. I grew up with it. I'm not fluent, but it was the closest thing I had to a second language. I learned it far better than I ever learned Korean actually (it just clicked, I guess) and I went to a Spanish Emersion school before I got pulled out to do an accelerated program instead. It's such a lovely, vibrant language with beautiful vowels. I needed new pillowcases since my purple pillow case and Jasmin's spare navy floral one weren't cutting it. The lettering is actually gold so it feels really polished.

 e.l.f. shimmer eyeliner pencils, set of 4. $4, originally $8

I do love eye liner, but it was starting to bum me out that I only had black. Black is a staple, but color is a great way to mix things up. I also love that the caps for these pencils have built in sharpeners. Color bleeding is not fun when you've got to swap colors out of one sharpener.

 Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani "Wicked Style" roll-on perfume combo pack. $5, originally $15

I love the Harajuku Lovers perfumes. My favorite is "Love" and whenever I see it on sale I buy it. I love this cute combo pack-- great for keeping in your purse or travelling!

Signature Kate Spade Earbuds. $17, originally $40

It's no secret that I adore Kate Spade. When I brought my friend Emily with me to a Kate Spade store for the first time she said, "My God, it's like you've come back to the mothership." I ran through another pair of earbuds and although I normally pay around $10 at a Marshalls or TJ Maxx for a nice pair that'd normally be around $20-$25 retail, I saw these and I knew I needed them in my life.

 Vinyl Tiger Applique Tiger Top. $13, originally $18

I love this top. It's super comfy, has great shoulder cut outs, and a badass tiger on it.

Teal Tank with Leather detail. $10, originally $22

So I love this color, which is like a mix of peacock blue and teal. It's this luscious jewel tone that I love in Fall and Winter. This tank pairs that color with a black leather-like panel in the shape of a deep V. I love how it's simple and edgy!

 Black gathered top with leather lace detail. $10, originally $34

I like tops that gather around the bust. I'm bottom-heavy as they say, so details and gathering on tops that balance out my proportions are always a plus. Not only does it help even out my proportions, but it also has this really cool detailing that I love. There are these leather-like straps around the sleeves that have these dainty little cutouts. Love it!

 Japanese Cities tank. $10, originally $18

This comfy, long tank has the names of 3 prominent Japanese cities: Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. I love how simple and clean the graphic is. I also have a thing for typography :)

 Grey Floral Dress. $10, originally $34

I love this dress! I can throw it in super quick without buttons or zippers. It's polished enough to go out in, but it's also very relaxed. I love dresses in general and this was a really good one because most of my dresses are very day-time since I like bright colors. They didn't work for college parties so well. (I tend to look like a crayon.) This dress hits the mark, I think, in terms of what I like, and what's appropriate for those kinds of social events.

That was my last #FabFound item from Marshall's! Onto the goodies from Goodwill!


 Black Rounded Nesting Shelves, set of 3. $10

"We need about 10% more surface space," Jasmin proclaimed. She was right-- we had a lot of dishes that took up considerable space, and really nowhere to put them. We have a built-in shelf in our room, but the shelves themselves were too narrow for plates (and hard to reach) so we had to put our plates on the top ledge. It took up a lot of space, and there was only so much you could reasonably stack. We needed shelving, specifically for our dishes. (There are many more, but at the time this photo was taken, they weren't clean enough to take their place among their clean brethren.)

We scoured Marshalls, TJ Maxx's, and thrift stores, but never found anything until now. Most shelves were too narrow, or too large (intended to go directly on floor space we didn't have, rather than a ledge). Finally, today, I discovered these shelves, taped together, nested in upon themselves for a steal. They were a bit dusty so we wiped them down. They're a little banged up but 1 - they don't need to be flawless because this is a college dorm and 2 - fixing them would be pretty easy if I ever decided to go that extra mile.

Jelly flats, red and black. $5 each pair

JELLIES! I love Jelly shoes! I have been wanting a pair for the past 84 years (actually more like 6, but still) and I had never found a comfy pair I liked. There were several pairs of these in exactly my size. I wasn't sure because they were marked "40" which I think is European sizing, which I don't keep track of, but sure enough it worked out! They're the same design but I wanted a red pair because it was fun, and I wanted the black pair because it would match more outfits. (I jokingly told Jasmin the black pair was for formal events and she almost smacked me!)

With discounts, I actually only spent $16 at Goodwill. Awesome!

That's my Friday the 13th Haul! I hope you had a lucky Friday the 13th, too! How did you spend your "bad luck" day?



  1. GREAT haul! You found so many cute items! :)

  2. I'm totally jealous of all your finds! ESPECIALLY those Kate Spade earbuds!

    1. I am SUCH a Kate Spade junkie! The more you go shopping the better your chances. :)