Coffee and Cupcakes - Our Ritual

My friends and I have a relaxation/bonding ritual. Every so often, we do Coffee and Cupcakes. We had just escaped the valley of death known as midterms hell week, and escaped to the oasis that is a four-day weekend. Coffee and Cupcakes is actually coffee and cupcakes and magazines and deep chats.

First order of business was to hit the cupcake shop, Extraordinary Cupcakes.

This cupcakery has a strong following among William and Mary students. Not only is it delicious, but it's within walking distance from campus. Sometimes, we decide to stay a little closer to where we live and cut the cupcakes out of our ritual and opt for coffee at our local Bookstore. After a harrowing week of papers and exams, though, we knew we deserved cupcakes.

Look at that peacock with his come-hither eyes in front of the ferris wheel of cupcakes. Yes, it rotates. I think he's there to hypnotize people.

My favorite is the Red Velvet. That's the cupcake they really nailed! I'm not a fan of super sweet cupcakes, so the cream cheese frosting really makes it. They have a lot of other great flavors, too.

My best friend Jasmin is one of my favorite people to take pictures of!

We actually don't get coffee from the cupcake place. There is a Books-A-Million the next shopping center over with a Joe Muggs coffee inside.

We take our cupcakes, order coffees, and grab some magazines. It's usually wedding magazines, not that any of us are dating anyone currently. It's just the most interesting thing that also doesn't make us feel like we're wanting. Fashion magazines kind of make us feel like we need more stuff. Fitness magazines make us feel really guilty-- you can't look through those things while eating a massive cupcake and downing a flavored coffee drink.

Sorry, thighs. This was not a battle you could win.
The fact that wedding stuff is far off means we can talk about it without feeling any kind of pressure. It's also a really good starting point for funny stories because it combines topics of family, friends, relationships, and our general hopes for the future. We're all from very different backgrounds so the discussions are really great. We happened to get on the topic of tattoos-- turns out there are a lot of great family tattoo stories in my circle. Who knew? As of yet, none of us have tattoos, but several of us are at varying degrees of consideration.

This is our ritual. It's probably some of the best, non-sleep-deprived bonding we do. Do you have a relaxing ritual with your friends? Spa days? Manicures? Brunch? Sound off in a the comments!


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