Dinner at Farm to Fork

Eating local and trying to know where your food comes from is never a bad thing. The sustainability initiative at my school puts together a meal every year to remind us of the importance of supporting local farmers and eating well. It's called Farm to Fork. It brings together the local farmers, local high end chefs, and the student body together. It's $12 but you can pay with dining dollars. Last Friday I went to Farm to Fork and it did not disappoint.

I had always heard of the event but this was the first time I'd attended. Everyone was raving about how amazing the food was every year-- since we don't live in a metropolitan area, the dining pickings are pretty slim, and there's not enough competition to make the restaurant around here a feasible choice for most meals.

The food did not disappoint. Everything was perfect and delicious. It's all served family style, so it's nearly unlimited food. If I could tell you how much I ate, you might judge me. If you could taste the food, though, you definitely wouldn't. They had crab dip, guys. Do you know how often that happens here? (The answer is "not often.")

Being a college student, it's really easy to let some things take a backseat to convenience. Eating healthy, supporting small businesses and farms-- these are important things, but it's so easy to just pop a Hot Pocket in the microwave and be done with it. It's great to experience something like this and remember what real, good food is. 

Farm to Fork style events are hosted across the country to help get people eating local produce and livestock. (Don't worry vegetarians, there are plenty of options for you too!) If you're at W&M I recommend coming to ours-- I think they do one once a year or once a semester. If you're not in the Williamsburg Area, see if there's one at your school. If not, you could organize one! It was a wonderful time, and I'm glad I finally made it out! I'll definitely be going whenever it returns to campus.

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