Black Friday Haul 2013

I shopped for 12 hours, folks. 6:30pm Thanksgiving Day until 6:30am today. I... I don't know how I am awake right now. If my words stop making sense, cut me a little slack-- I'm running on VERY little sleep but working through it to get this haul out to you guys! I was so excited to finally buy the things I so desperately needed! It's so hard for me to buy things after like, July, because I keep thinking to myself "but it will be cheaper in November..."

First, the outlet mall. Everything opened earlier this year, so I didn't get to nap. My parents were really tired and my father is getting over a cold/flu so we didn't get to stay as long as I'd have liked. Next year, they said, we'd bring two cars so they could leave earlier without holding me back from my precious precious sales.

Nine West

 Remember how I said I have a hard time buying stuff before Black Friday? Well, I daily wear black flats since they're the most practical option for a girl who likes to roll out of bed without having to think a ton about her shoes and lives on a bumpy, cobblestoney, ancient campus. About three months ago, I started wearing through my shoes. This isn't an uncommon thing since I have kind of an odd gait and daily use at W&M causes me to wear through a pair per year. I needed new shoes about 2 months ago when the hole wore through the sole, but I couldn't bring myself to spend money on an affordable but lower quality pair than what I knew I could get at a similar price on Friday.

Total Retail Value: $70
I paid: $30
Savings: 57%

Kate Spade

I don't know if you've heard, but this is basically my mothership. I LOVE Kate Spade. I bought myself a new purse, which is a little clutch for parties, but also has a shoulder strap/chain so it can be a crossbody. I regret nothing, it's absolutely adorable. I also snagged a pink wallet to give as a graduation gift. I'm splitting that with a friend.

Total Retail Value: $405
I paid: $160
Savings: 60%

Old Navy

I just really needed new jeans. Mine were getting really old and worn since I only have a few I rotate through. I always get them at Old Navy. They aren't the highest quality, but one of their cuts fits me really well, and on Black Friday, I can get them for as cheap as $15!

Total Retail Value: $60
I paid: $30
Savings: 50%


 I needed sweaters so badly! I get cold easily and sweaters are in short supply. I really love the sweet fox on the navy sweater, and I love the thick knit and buttons on the warm honey one.

Total Retail Value: $95
I paid: $47.50
Savings: 50%

J Crew 

I bought these two necklaces. Totally gorgeous. One is for me, the other is a gift for someone. I absolutely love necklaces. If I could only have one type of jewelry ever, it'd be necklaces. 

Total Retail Value: $77
I paid: $38.50
Savings: 50%

OKAY! So at the outlet, I got a ton of great goodies. I could have done another 3 hours there, but my parents are aging (sorry, mom, I said it) so I called it quits after  J Crew. Here's the overall breakdown of the Outlets.

Total Retail Value: $707
I paid: $306
Savings: 57%



I got stuff for me, as well as secret santa goodies and gifts. DVDs, snacks, craft supplies as shown above, as well as some underwear, which although nothing scandalous, I figured I wouldn't photograph for my blog. It seemed like it'd be crossing a line somehow.

Total Retail Value: $85
I paid: $63
Savings: 27%

Ulta / Sephora / Icing

I just decided to combine all the makeup purchases at once. I got bamboo brushes and brush cleaner at The Icing at my sister's recommendation-- they're apparently really good brushes for the price! Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial and extremely sustainable, so I always spring for bamboo products when possible. I got bronzer and blush at Ulta and the makeup sets at Sephora.

Total Retail Value: $81
I paid: $50
Savings: 38%

Hot Topic

Hot Topic had a great sale with $10 T-shirts and buy one get one free on everything else. I bought a few gifts, but I'm not gonna lie-- most of it is for myself.

Total Retail Value: $102
I paid: $50
Savings: 51%

So for my Black Friday total, as of 10am this Black Friday Morning, here are my totals.

Total Retail Value: $975
I paid: $469
Savings: 52%

How was your Black Friday?


  1. Great haul! You really saved a lot!!

    xo Megan,

  2. Love it all! I got all this...
    I SHOULD add the discounts, but most of the stuff wasn't even discounted...oops...

  3. I look forward to this post every year.

  4. I wish I had the stamina and diligence to shop like you did. You are my hero, Harp!!