Black Friday Prep: The Outfit

Only a fool goes into battle without armor. Your outfit on Black Friday can make or break you. You thought you could go 5 hours standing in lines and busting heads in your cutest suede heeled booties? This is not a TJ Maxx #TheGifter Commercial where you stroll in to low prices in your chicest outfit. This is real life. This is Black Friday. It's survival of the fittest, friends, and the "fit" we're referring to isn't the tailoring of your blazer.

The stand alone retailer
These are for indoor shopping locations like indoor malls and stand-alone stores like Target.

These are for indoor shopping locations like indoor malls and stand-alone stores like Target. It's going to be a bit chilly, so you're going to want a hoodie . I recommend going for a zip-down option in case you need to try stuff on. Underneath, you should wear a camisole -- this makes it easy for you to try on tops and dresses, without having to choose between waiting forever for a dressing room or flashing the store. Next, you should have some substantial leggings . Thick enough to be pants-like enough to avoid having your panties show through (hey, this might be a battlefield, but ain't no reason to embarrass yourself like that), but thin enough to allow you to try on jeans and skirts over it like a champ, once again forgoing the dressing room. If you're really worried about butt-coverage, go for a long hoodie or tie your hoodie around your waist Next, make sure you got your bad-ass pancake socks . Because what's a night of intense shopping without a little whimsy? Lastly, make sure you got comfy, supportive shoes like sneakers .

The outdoor shopping mall

I often spend my Black Friday at an outdoor shopping mall. For those of you braving the chill of an outdoor mall, you'll have to dress for both a cold night/morning and the warm interiors of bustling stores. You're also going to want to do the cami  + hoodie combo for the same reasons above but add a coat to it for warmth. Sure, it adds weight to your ensemble, but when waiting in line to get into a store, you're going to want that added insulation to your core and arms. Depending on weather that night, you may also want to add a scarf , gloves to your ensemble. It's totally your call depending on weather that night. I usually opt for the better safe than sorry school of thought-- whatever you don't need you can dump back in the car on one of your unloading trips to the car or just stow away in your purse. Next, have some thin leggings for warmth and skinny jeans . Some people prefer sweats, but I often find it hard to shop with sweats on since I can't tell what tops really look like on me without skinny jeans. The leggings help in case you try on skirts or dresses outside dressing rooms. It's a little added insurance that you won't flash anyone even if someone jostles you. Next, be sure to wear some good, supportive socks and either sneakers or boots depending on how cold it is out.

Hopefully you've been following along my Black Friday series. If not, check out step one: The 3 Essential Shopping Lists, and step 2: The Game Plan before getting your outfit together.

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