Halloweekend To Do List

Happy Halloweekend! Here are 10 things you should do this weekend:
  1. Hit a few parties. Midweek Halloween means that the party continues through early November!
  2. Snag that heavily discounted candy. Pumpkins on the packaging don't make the goodies any less tasty after October 31st. Remember that too much of a good thing is a bad thing-- but a bad thing at 75% off is negligible, right? 
  3. Write your Christmas shopping list. Better sooner than later. Same with your christmas card list!
  4. Get serious about honing your resume. Internship applications typically start going up in the winter!
  5. Applying for college? I hope your essays are nearing their final stages!
  6. Do your homework! 
  7. Call home and figure out what the Thanksgiving situation looks like.
  8. Bust out your sweaters.
  9. Put away the Halloween decor.
  10. Figure out your final exam schedule.


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