Weekend Links 12.20.13

Cinderella 1997 with Brandy, Whitney Houston, Victor Garber, Whoopi, Bernadette Peters, and Paolo Montalban in FULL in case you're feeling nostalgic. FYI I saw Bernadette Peters in person during the summer and I swear, the woman doesn't age. >>>

Plenty of feminist discussion surrounding the new Beyonce album, and the queen herself. This is probably my favorite perspective on it I've read. It's basically, we will defend her against white feminists who deem her sexuality and perspective too far from their centered vision of what a woman should be, but we can't get too blinded by our sisterhood to her that we turn off our critical gaze and refuse to acknowledge the problematic aspects within her work. >>>

If you don't think that this 50 year old former Olympic hopeful who fell victim to an eating disorder who then recovered and now trains for the 2014 Olympics again isn't inspiring as hell, get out. >>>

This non-profit is built off the idea of giving women in developing economies employment, education, and mentorship so that they can save toward a new business venture while paying for their children's education and clean water. Basically, it's awesome. Consider buying their products or donating to them this holiday season. >>>


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  1. Great roundup! I'm bookmarking that Cinderella movie for after all the holiday rush dies down :) #HCXO