Weekend Links

How a pair of old ladies are changing prison inmates lives by teaching them to knit >>>

I really enjoyed this piece Joe Jonas did detailing his life as a Jonas Brother and all the craziness that fame got him and his family into. He's my favorite of the 3 and I love how honest he was about everything from family to sex and drugs >>>

Why Love Actually is actually a terribly unromantic film (and everyone needs to know because I was extremely angry I wasted 2 hours of my life watching that drivel because everyone insisted it was so great) >>>

For Doctor Who fans: A great article on how Moffat is RUINING the show, specifically, his absolute inability to give meaning and significance to death. I long for the day when he's canned and Who can return to its former glory >>>

One woman's crusade against "the most hated man on the internet" aka the King of Revenge Porn. She deserves all the awards >>>

A great piece on Elle about why Carrie Bradshaw is full of shit >>>


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  1. I've never watched Love Actually. I think I tried once. Isn't it with the chic who like her British boss and he marries someone else or something like that? Eh.
    That mom is AWESOME! Read her story on Jezebel the other week, and really glad Joe was so honest about everything (and how bad of a show Jonas was) but Nick is my fav.